My German test

Today was the last day of my First Internal Tests in college. I had German in which I already have an arrear was today. There wasn’t much to study or at least that’s what I presumed. our German sir from last semester had left college and the post was vacant. Since there was nobody else available our Deputy Principal who had just learned a month of German was assigned our class. He didn’t take much in class and for Internals he gave portions similar to first semester’s for today. Thank God, at least I can pass, thats what I had thought. Came today and we waited for our question papers in the hall. When I saw the question paper, i knew I could pass easily as it had just simple grammar and stuff. So I happily started writing only to be interrupted five minutes later. The invigilator announced that the wrong question paper was distributed to us. Damn, the paper was meant for B.A French students. So she took the question paper and promptly asked me to strike off all that I had written earlier. One and half pages of my intelligence gone. She then gave me the new question paper  ‘meant’ for us. I cursed my stars the moment I got it. There was hardly anything on it that I understood, let alone the answers. All the hopes of passing faded away in despair. There was nothing in the paper which matched the pattern given by our sir. I quietly asked the guy in front of me whether he knew anything. The guy is the nerd of our class drew a blank face. So did the guy behind me.  That came as a big relief, at least I was not alone in this. And then I proceeded to ‘answer’ the paper. In another twenty minutes I was out of the hall. I guess that gives you an idea of how I wrote. All I was sure in the test was for 4 marks – 2 opposites and 2 conjunctions. Half the questions I had know idea what to do. And for the rest I wrote some bull shit. Now I’ll have to compensate inthe next internlas in order to avoid another arrear. Thats gonna be another story. Hell with German.

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