What next for Mush?

A big victory for Democracy in Pakistan. After a long nine years in office Pervez Musharaff finally stepped down as President of Pakistan today. The news didn’t come as a surprise at all as he was in the face of an impending impeachment by the ruling PPP-PML(N) coalition. The question now remains what his next move is going to be. Although a charge-sheet is filed against him for crimes including murders, it is very unlikely that Musharaff will be charged. Although he was a dictator who came to power through a coup, he was never a despot like Augusto Pinochet or Pol Pot. The most likely option for Mush is seeking asylum in Saudi Arabia. He is known to be having very close ties with the Saudi King. A point to be noted is that the Saudi intelligence chief had visited Islamabad to seek a safe exit for Mush. There are also unconfirmed reports that there are a couple of Saudi planes at the Islamabad airport. Other reports also say that Musharaff may leave for Saudi at an invite from the Saudi King himself. Turkey also could be another option for the former President.

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