Moto L9 – Problems Galore

The first thing I could say about the phone I own is “IT SUCKS”. Truly, Moto L9 is the worst phone I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t believe I decided to buy this piece of shit over a Sony Ericsson w800i Walkman phone. That was almost an year back and was on my dad’s insistence. I had wanted to buy the Sony one but some dumb bonehead had convinced him that L9 is the best handset money can buy. When I bought it though, I found everything quite alright. It had a nice, sleeky design, and was slim. It could fit in any pocket perfectley. The best part was that the camera was barely visible. I wouldn’t have any problem hiding the phone in college.

Now the things I hate about it. To start off, the outer layer of my key pad started peeling off. To my surprise, even my friend who was also dumb enough to buy the phone like me, had the same problem. Within months, the outer layer totally disappeared. Half the numbers on the key pad are also gone. White patches have appeared in the places of the numbers. As for the rest, they are barely visible. Even the steel layer on the navigation keys just came off. As my friend calls it, the phone actually looks as if  somebody had f*cked the phone. This was just the outside of the phone. Lets talk about the interface. It actually took 2 days for me to find out how to change the ring tone. Texting is another big pain. The phone slows down when typing long words in dictionary mode. Also, only a few new words can be added to the dictionary at a time. Texting more ten people or a list can be patience testing. The phone slows down to its worst at these times. You can’t do anything else while this happens.

The phone hangs all of a sudden at times. Re-booting is the only solution. Event that doesn’t help at times. So I have to remove the battery, put it back and then switch it on, on these occasions. Sometimes the contents of the 128 MB memory card, doesn’t show up on screen. So I have to remove the card and put it back for it to be seen. For the past couple of months I am not able to connect the phone as a modem to my computer, so that I could update the firmware. Its workin fine as a flash memory, but not as a modem. These are only a few of the problems. There are others like files getting corrupted frquently, sudden slow down even when not texting etc. I couldn’t even find skins for the phone. I had to settle with RAZR skins, but the fonts and other things remained the same.

These are problems not just faced by me, but many other users as well. In 2007 I had bought the phone for 8800 INR, I am hearing that the prize has come down to as low as 5500 INR. Not surprising at all.

1 Response to “Moto L9 – Problems Galore”

  1. 1 omg
    September 18, 2008 at 03:57

    omg. it took you two days just to know how to change your ringtone?????? /e5

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