Chocolate man ‘Axe’d

The Moral police are at it again. This time around its the new ‘Chocolate man’ commercial by Axe deodorant which is in trouble. The Government of India has asked the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) to advise its member channels not to telecast the commercial for ‘Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant’, as it regards the advertisement as being “indecent, vulgar and repulsive.” This is not the first time Axe has been pulled up by the government. A few months back MTV was asked to apologize to its viewers for telecasting an ‘objectionable’ ad from Axe.

The government is in no way right by banning the ad. As a media student I don’t find anything wrong with the commercial. The commercial is in fact probably one of the most creative ever. The concept was fresh and something never done before. I have no idea what is vulgar or indecent in it. If the I&B ministry thinks that kissing scenes are corrupting Indian culture they should have a look at Bollywood as well. Or if they find a chick taking a bite out off a guy’s butt ‘objectionable’, they should go back to the 10th century. It was only a ‘love-bite’; even India’s own Kamasutra talks about love-bites.

There are other serious issues like inflation and terrorism raging the country. The government should rather be focussing on these issues than unneccesarily acting like b*$*&!#s.


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