‘Engineering’ retards

Why is India so crazy about engineers? I passed out of school a couple of years back. Out of 80 odd students in the science stream, I was the only soul to have not taken up engineering.  It didn’t matter whether the colleges they joined were of good reputation or not, fact is every one of them took up engineering. Also consider there were just about 16 guys in the commerce stream. People may argue that professional courses are the best for a safe future. But what about other fields like humanities, commerce, media etc?  Why are students being so stereotyped and indifferent towards other fields? They don’t seem to be aware that a chartered accountant or a media professional can sometimes earn more than an engineer with less effort.

I decided to take up science stream after my 10th only because I was under the impression that commerce was for losers. Bad decision, l must say. All of my classmates were already decided the college they would join and the preferred branch and all. Maybe its because their parents brought them up specifically to be engineers. Right from their childhood, students in general have been made to believe that a BE or an MBBS is the only option to success. Luckily for me, my parents left it to me to decide on what to pursue in college. Thanks to career counselors, I took up something that I enjoy doing, unlike others who take up something just because their parents wanted them to. There is another category of people who think its a matter of social status if their son or daughter is doing BE at a reputed engineering college. Nothing but madness.

What would happen if everybody becomes a software professional? In today’s scenario any job has its own value, be it a software engineer or an advertising executive. Students should opt for a career keeping in mind their aptitude and talents and not because somebody else also has also opted for it. I personally know a lot of people who have dropped out of their engineering courses as they could never relate to it. I have also come across engineering grads who after supposedly ‘mastering’ mechanics could not solve the basic problems in an engine. In my option a person should take up a career, which would never make him feel like doing a job, rather something he enjoys.


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