IE and Firefox get a new rival – Google Chrome

Although I am not really a geek, I know enough to say that Mozilla Firefox is the best browser. I had been using Internet Explorer for a long time. But that was before I ‘discovered’ the marvel called Firefox. But it seems even Firefox has an able rival coming up.  Alright, Google has now decided to bring on its own browser – Chrome. The most striking part about this is that its apparently got a ‘porn’ mode.;) Now all you pervs can watch as much as you want without fearing your mom or dad snooping around. Since its Google we are talking about, you can sure expect a lot special.

1 Response to “IE and Firefox get a new rival – Google Chrome”

  1. March 22, 2019 at 21:19

    Webmasters can even tell which place in the world you’re received from based on your computer’s IP address.
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