Lance is Back!

Great news for fans of Lance Armstrong. The man himself has confirmed that he would be back after a three year hiatus and will be aiming for a eighth Tour de France title. Armstrong has said that he made the decision after consulting close friends and family and that he his return to pro cycling is to promote global cancer awareness according to his livestrong.com website.

Armstrong had in 1999 won his first Tour de France title after battling testicular cancer. He has ever since been reagrded as the greatest comeback man in sports history and also as a global icon for those fighting cancer. For the next six years no other cyclist could dethrone him as the King of Cycling till he announced his retirement in 2005. Post retirement, he has been involved with his Lance Armstrong Foundation which provides care for those having cancer. He had also ran the New York City marathon of 2007 finishing 856th. He had famously stated that the race was tougher than the Tour de France.

The comeback is great news for the entire world of sports and beyond. It shows his never ending determination which has made him the champion that he is. No other sportsperson has had an extraordinary career like Armstrong has had. If he does reclaim the Tour de France, it will not just be a victory for him, but also for his millions of supporters, especially those battling cancer.

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