Big Bucks and Cricket

Cricket is all about money, especially if it involves the BCCI. This time around, two other parties are also involved, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Cricket Australia (CA). It all started a couple of months back when Pakistan was all set to host the Champions Trophy to be held in September. Since then, Pakistan was swept by a wind of political changes over Musharaff and his presidency. Does that have anything tom do with cricket?  Well, apparently it did, as we later found out from the ‘White’ cricket boards of the World. All of a sudden, fears of snipers and AK laden militants crept into the minds of cricket stars. (Note: Applicable to cricketers belonging to only South Africa, Australia, New Zealand or England). A web of protest followed and the ICC promptly announced that the tournament is postponed to 2009. As if by then, the political situation is going to be any better there.

Now that the Champions Trophy is nowhere in the picture, the focus is on Austarlia’s tour of India in October. Just as things were going in the right manner, Indian capital Delhi was ravaged by a series of bomb blasts. Result – ‘Security’ is once again the buzz word. The tour looked set to face the same fate as the Champions Trophy. But hey, here is a twist, CA announces the tour will go ahead as planned. But what about security?  “Oh don’t worry BCCI will handle it. Indians have the best security.” Right, we have had 4 bomb blasts in 4 major cities in the last six months and yet we have the best security. And what about Pakistan? Come on, Its just politics over there. Mush is not gonna use an AK on Symmo. (Ok, Symmo is not touring India, but thats a differnent story) The double standards showed by the Australian board only tells us the role of big bucks in cricket. BCCI has yet again proved that they are the Big Daddy of cricket. They successfully ‘negotiated’ things with CA. God knows, how much money went in.

The problem is not security but greed. Cricketers, administrators, boards all are alike. If it involves money, anything goes. Champions Trophy has never been as successful as other ICC events like the World Cup or the T20 Cup. But at the time, India is different. Players earn more from endorsements than from playing cricket here. Also the prospect of a tiff with Big Brother BCCI may not be exactly be fruitful for CA and its players.


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