ICC’s double standards again

The ICC is back at it again. An Indian captain was banned for six ODI’s by cricket’s ‘governing’ council. Well, this time around, it’s not quite the same for a similar offenderI. I’m of course talking about Ricky Ponting being let off after being found guilty of a repeated offence of slow over rate by the ICC. Back in 2005 Sourav Ganguly was banned by ICC Match referee Chris Board for six ODI’s after found guilty during an ODI against Pakistan. In fact, it was not the first time Ganguly was in the dock for the same offence. In 2004, Dada was banned ofr two Test matches by referee Clive Lloyd, after India’s slow over rate during an ODI against Pakistan. However the ban was later withheld after an appeal. 

The ICC rule book says that a repeat offence of slow over rate would result in a ban of two tests or four ODIs. Punter was already aware of the slow over rate when he decided to use part-time spinners so that he could possibly escape a ban. This however earned him the wrath of Aussie greats like Jeff Thomson and Allan Border after he lost the test match. But despite his efforts, he still couldn’t get the over rate back on track and was found guilty by referee Chris Broad, yes the same Chris Broad who had banned Ganguly for the same offence. Mr. Broad had the tenacity to let Ponting off the hook with just a fine, but ban Ganguly for six ODIs.  Under normal circumstances, the ICC gives an explanation for their decisions. And just as the Aussies would like it, no sort of official clarification from the ICC or from Mr. Broad as to why Ponting is a free bird.  Double standards, anyone?


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