Vaiko’s Psychos and the tamil issue

 Terror politics seem to be the order of the day. Here in Tamil Nadu though, it is not the Bombay terror attacks they’re playing with but the issue of LTTE and Sri Lankan tamils. I was in for a bitter experience as I was returning from college today. I was travelling in a bus and just as I was nearing my destination my bus stopped in front of a road blockade. The driver managed to find out from the cops that a protest was going on in town. After waiting for sometime we decided to walk. And just as we were moving along the road, we saw a couple of white Scorpios whizzing past us with men in white veshtis clinging on the sides. Apparently the cops had let these political parasites through the blockade. Other buses were let through, but only after a considerable amount of time.

I decided to catch another bus and continue the journey. The traffic was moving at snail’s place as the protests neared. Then I began to see a lot of Red and Black flags, posters and hoardings of political nitwits on the roadsides. Unsurprisingly it was Vaiko’s MDMK which was in the protest mood and the CPI and the VCK had also joined in. I do agree that the Sri Lankan tamil issue is serious and action need to be taken. But I don’t se any justification in Vaiko’s or any ‘Dravidian’ politicians calls for the revokal on the ban on LTTE. As far as I’m concerned and anybody else whose got some brains, the LTTE is a terrorist organization involved in anti-humanitarian work and anybody who supports them also should be branded as terrorists. It is the tamils in Sri Lanka who are suffering because of their so called ‘protectors’.  A party like the CPI also involved in this only shows that it is just a vote campaign for the General Elections which are just around the corner. 

I was also perplexed to see pictures of leaders including those of Vaiko and VCK’s Thol. Thirumavalavan in military attire resembling that of the LTTE, though this is nothing new. But what shocked me the most was that there was even a life size poster of a man in camo with an SMG holstered.  This bastard was apparently one of the chief guests and I also managed to catch some of his speech while returning. Action should be taken against these people who are secretely and some openely indulging in support of outlawed organisations. CM doesn’t have a backbone literally, at least he should show that he has one figuratively by doing something. At a time when terror strikes are a common phenomena, cops who should be securing the people are heavily guarding these terrorists themselves. When will these psychos ever learn a lesson. Only last week, the BJP had paid its price for politicizing Bombay terror; drubbed in elections in Delhi and Rajasthan.

2 Responses to “Vaiko’s Psychos and the tamil issue”

  1. 1 selva
    December 13, 2008 at 14:03

    It’s is sad that you look the world stereotyped. According to you, all governments are good and all those struggle for their freedom are terrorists. If it is so, we were terrorists for British. Germans are terrorists for the western world. United states got its independence through rebellion. Governments in Myanmar is good. Saddam Hussain had the deadliest weapons than the United States. Indian National Army was the deadliest outfit in the whole of the world.
    People in the India’s North East came from Mars and not our own citizens, who rampage for a cup of ice-cream but not because of the ignorance of the Indian government. Africans should have been slave. Mahatma Gandhi is a foreign terrorist in South Africa. People with wealth and tummy full are intellects and are only blessed to live in this world. Other suffering peoples are destined to serve us. Tsunami will not attack us. It is very easy for us live in sri Lanka. Tamils in Sri Lanka are insane. They don’t know to live in a co-operation with Sinhalas. The Indian government could provide us special visas to live for a year in North and East of Sri Lanka without food and licking the foots of Sinhalas. We would be proud of it. India has not given the political freedom to us. We are not equal. All the people in this country do not have equal rights. We suffer here a lot. But Sri Lanka is a heaven. There is no place in this world who gives equal rights to all of its citizens. We are aristocrats. We should rule this world. World, come together we would kill these stupid Eelam Tamils and we will convert this world in to a wonderful Hell. We love that.

  2. 2 timofeyevich
    December 14, 2008 at 00:36

    To be honest I didn’t get your point at all… I never said that the Sri lankan tamils are terrorists. All i said was that LTTE.. the so called ‘protectors’ of the tamils are not so.. You can take the recent case of Col. Karuna for example. Not so long ao, he was one of prabhakaran’s most trusted men. But after he got received the boot, he first tried to wage a civil war against the LTTE adter realising that he couldn’t sustain anymore he has decided to join rajapakse. I can totally relate to the feelings of the tamil people, something which the LTTE only claims to do so. Prabhakaran and his honchos are nothing but hardcore terrorists just like the ones we’ve seen at Bombay or any other place. We Indians lost the best PM we ever had, when suicide bombers killed Rajiv Gandhi. We cannot forgive the LTTE for that at all.

    Of course, the tamils may being marginalized and harassed by the Lankan soldiers. But that is no excuse for terrorism. An eye for an eye is not what we want here. The LTTE can’t go on kill innocents. Th Eelam tamils have sufferred for long and it is high time that we put an end to it. But my friend, violence is not the solution.

    And I don’t think India has to lick the foot of the Sinhalese govt to sustain. We are in a much better position than Lanka and the only reason we haven’t sent a full fledged force to fight the LTTE is because we believe the genuine tamils of Lanka will be affected by the conflict.

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