A grim day

This may sound creepy and straight out of a Hollywood flick but it happened to me yesterday. A premonition is defined an impression, often perceived as a warning, of a future event. Makes me wonder whether what I went through was a premonition too. I woke up as usual yesterday and justlike every morning mom was piseed at me for not bothering to clean up my room and other things. she then asked m to get some stuff from the shop outside. I blatantly refused screaming, ” Who would you order around if I were to die today or tomorrow?”. She ignored and even I forgot about what I said after sometime.

After a while I left for office and just as I got down from my share-auto another auto whisked past me, missing me by less than an inch. I did not think of anything odd and proceeded to catch a bus. As I sat in the bus and looked outside I saw another MTC bus with a fleet number AMH 911. Now that got me thinking; fuck 9/11? Was it a mere coincidence? Nothing much happened till I got down near my office and began to cross the street. Out of nowhere came a Tata Sumo and I just managed to move out of the way. Not too many incidents while at office. While returning home when I was walking towards the bus depot, I had another near fall. It was a one-way and traffic was moving in my direction. Now, as I was walking there was a car parked on the road side. I chose not to go around it through the sidewalk rather continued wallking on the road. I almost crossed the car when one of those air condintioned MTC bus sped past me without any warning, missing me by the skin of my teeth. Fuck, not again. This time though I even managed to garner some not-so-sweet words from the driver of the bus and a few other passerbys. I knew I had to thank God and thats just what I did. 

I got onto my bus and and sat calmy through the trip. That was until I saw another bus with a fleet number of 911. I don’t remember the depot code of this bus though. Two 9/11s and  three near death experiences are more than a co-incidence to me. Don’t blame me if anyhting happens on 9/11 this year, or for that matter even if anything happens to me on the date. Guess my days are counted.

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