RIP Wacko Jacko (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

I was fast asleep today morning when mom woke me up and said, “Your friend has died.” “My friend?”, I was surprised. She then broke the news to me, “Michael Jackson is dead”. I was shocked. Words fail to express my emotion when I heard it. Of course my mom was joking when she said my friend had died. She was also among the countless other people who have always ridiculed MJ. But she was right, Michel Joseph Jackson was my friend, and he WILL be my friend, always, for years to come. Not just to me, but to everyone who loved him.

The King of PopPeople have always given MJ  hard time. They called him a paedophile, a faggot, a weirdo. But not one soul can deny that he was and is and always will be the King of Pop. Controversy may have been his middle name but when it comes to talent there are so very few who could be paralleled to the maestro.  As long as I can remember the only true interpretation of his life, at least in my opinion was the South Park episode ‘The Jeffersons’. An obvious parody of MJ, the show portrayed him not as a uncaring child rapist but as a man who only wanted to give children a happy life, something that he was denied as a child.

MJ was an inspiration for millions of people around the world. He was an icon for the black community, long before Barack Obama. Here in India, where films are only about ‘song and dance’, any song is incomplete without one of Jacko’s famous moves. The first MJ video I ever saw was ‘Thriller’ where he dances as a zombie. I wish he would dance his way back from the real world of the dead now.

He was only 50 when he left us. Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon and now Michael Jackson. Why do all great entertainers have to die young? Perhaps God wants a piece of their magic too. Cliched, but that may well be truth. We’ll miss you Jacko. RIP

Here is one of my favorite MJ songs.

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