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Unkept promises

About 3 weeks back I made a promise that I would be updating my blog regularly. But Layla is making the life of the blogger in me rather difficult. A week has passed since college reopened and also its been exactly a week since my last post. See what I mean.

There are times when I wonder on what basis India Today named Layla the no.1 college in the country. They say my college has the best Vis Com dept. in the whole of South India. But just imagine Vis Com without a subject on Copywriting.  I had chosen Copywriting and Photography as my first and backup choices respectively for one of the major subjects. But apparently someone forgot to remind me that this is Layla and anything can change without a warning, for worse. They decided to scrap Copywriting citing lack of faculty. If this wasn’t enough, one of the professors gave the lamest possible excuse – Copywriting doesn’t have any scope. Has the guy lost his senses? Ironically, a new Dept. of Film Studies has  been started as a sister department. When you’re in Layla, it becomes evident to you that Cinema is the only synonym for Media.

But everything is not bad in final year. A couple of posts back, I had mentioned about the professor whom I loved to hate becoming one of my favorites this time around. I seriously thought that this guy had absolutely no future whatsoever as a teacher. But the way he has been taking classes this past week, you’d never feel its the same guy. Guess, four semesters of NOT handling my class helped him. Other subjects like ‘Visual Asthetics’ and ‘Development Communication’ has also so far proven to be interesting.  Also, today first years joined. I’m told that there is a cute mallu chick among them. A daughter of a prominent actor as well as a former child artiste are also among the crowd it seems. Unfortuinately I was not among the group who were asked to ‘show’ the first years around today. Ah, who cares, its not very long until Freshers Day.

That’s all for today. Guess I won’t be able to keep up the promise of regular posts because of college.



I change… Hopefully for the better

I have promised something to myself today. It happened when I came to know that a good friend of mine from school has his nice little weblog. Only then did I realise that I had a blog too, waiting for it to be scrawled upon. So here I am, to fulfill my promise. Yeah I know, I know, my blog has been nothing short of random bullshit with zero followers. But who cares, its my blog. I write about what I think about whats going on around me. Oh wait a second, when was the last time I actually wrote about MYSELF or things going on around ME? All I have been writing is about what’s going on in the news, right? Guess what,  I’ve decided to change. I’ve promised myself that I’ m gonna update this blog regularly whenever I can and not when I run out of South Park or movies. 

OK that was the easy part. What now? I’ve already hit a bloggers block. Damn, I am supposed to be a wannabe copywriter but can’t think of anything interesting to write. Speaking of being a copywriter, my internship is in full swing. I joined this ad agency called ‘Percept IBD‘. Nice place, nice people, quite happy with how its been so far. The only thing thats been a pain in the ass, or rather two things, the weather and the transport. I have returned to the days whenI wrote about the green and white public limousines of Chennai in one of my early posts. I wake up early in the morning at 8. Yes you heard it right, EIGHT is early for someone who wakes up only at 10:30 during college time. By the time I crap, bathe, eat, leave home and I finally reach the bus stand its already 9.30. And 9.30 is when the 41D I take to my office everyday if I wanna be there by 11, reach Ambathur OT bus stand. I more than usually reach the bus stand only at 9.31 and the 41D driver unfortunately is strangely enough, keen on punctuality. And so I catch  the next bus which leaves 15 minutes later. At least on this I don’t have to worry about standing halfway through my journey as I always manage to find a place to sit and read my Times of India newspaper. By the time I reach Anna Nagar I would’ve fallen asleep and be dreaming of my beloved till I wake up at Gemini. Gemini, maybe because of the endangered chicks of Chennai who sometimes walk in and out of Isphani. 15 minutes later and after the usual practise of giving the finger to Karunanidhi’s and Stalin’s posters at the DMK office in Mount Road, I reach my office at R.A.Puram. Nobody really cares about what time I come. So I just walk upto my seat and start working (read Mafia Wars, random wiki articles). I sit there till lunch. A hearty meal of some of mom’s meat specials later I decide to get down to some real business. So I walk upto my boss and ask for exercises to do. He gives me some interesting work which keeps me occupied for, well, the next couple of days. Sometimes I work, sometimes I pretend, but truth is I’ve learned here in 3 weeks more than what I learned in Sara’s Ad Basics classes for a whole semester. We discuss politics, ads, cricket, what all. I was even the official political commentator of the office while the World’s Largest reality show was on. By 6.30 people start leaving, but for some reason I always choose to stick till 7 or 7.30 when boss usually leaves. Well, I do need good remarks from him for my internship report. Not that my boss won’t give me a 10 on 10 if I ask for, but then a good impression always remains a good impression. And then there is the minimum of 150 working hours to complete to. We say good-bye; I catch another 41D from Mandaveli depot and 2 hours of occasional closing of eyes and dreaming later I reach home. Now, thats the best part of my internship. Reaching home after a really long day. 

Today though was different. A new guy joined as a copywriter and I had to vacate my place for him. I moved back to my old comp which surprisingly is pathetic than my comp back at home. Thought I’d never find a slower comp. It doesn’t have Windows XP and I miss Google chrome.  I’ve nothing against Firefox but I’ve fallen in absolute love with this marvel from Google. Boss asked me to approach the new guy for exercises. He gives me some and I proceed to ‘work’, till I’m reminded that today is my game in the office chess tournament. And so I’m up against one of the chicks in the office. “There is no way I’m gonna lose to a chick” – or so I thought. The game took an hour to complete and I even missed my coffee, only to lose. I did not win because she was more intelligent than me, rather because I was more stupider than her. One of the guys commented,“There is nothing wrong when 2 people who know to play chess, play. There is nothing wrong when 1 guy knows and the other doesn’t. But never let 2 people who can’t play chess for nuts face off.” I say to myself,There is nothing wrong in losing to a woman. Only makes you a champion in women’s rights for equality”

That more or less sums up my day. I guess I’ll put up a list of wiki topics that I explored while in office today. This explains how random I can be. 

1. The Great Schism in the Catholic Church and the Protestant Reformation

2. Bangladesh Cricket Team 

3. LGBT rights in Nazi Germany. (I’m neither gay, nor homophobic)

4. Major religions of the World

5. Politics of Myanmar. 

6. Tiananmen Square massacre. (Today is the 20th anniversary)

7. List of WCW World Heavyweight Champions. 

8. State of Alaska


It’s good to be back online after almost a month of non-existence. Project deadlines, problems with computer and my internet connection along with a few other reasons have so far been keeping me away from my beloved blog. A lot of things have happened while was away. The US Presidential election, Recession, Sourav’s and Kumble’s retirement and a host of other things have been making deadlines. And looks like even wordpress has changed during my absence. Hmm, a lot of new features. Gotta check them out.  Now that Im back, guess I should resume my tryst with blogging destiny. I just hope something worthy to be written about happens now.


My blog… A conflict

I’ve decided to write about the title of my blog- Dominus Illumanitio Mea. By now, you must have at least figured out that it is Latin.  It is indeed Latin. The exact meaning of the phrase is The Lord is my light which is from the Bible. It is the opening verse of Psalm 27. The reason I chose it is beacuse I am an ardent fan of God. Also I felt it sounds kinda cool. I have learned that the phrase is also the motto of the University of Oxford and also appears in the University’s coat of arms. Actually I didn’t know this when I started the blog.

About the tag line – I Think, Therefore I am. This was actually in Latin and I decided to use the English translation. Its like this in Latin- Cogito Ergo Sum. It was actually used by the French philosopher René Descatres his book Prince of Philosophy. He had actually used it as a rationalistic statement against the Christian hegemony.

An interesting part is that both the statements Dominus Illuminatio Mea and Cogito Ergo Sum are contradicting. The former glorifies God whereas the latter is against the Chrch. This is purely incidental and I had never actually noticed it. I realised it only while studying the latter. Anyways I guess its pretty cool to have two conflicting phrases together like an oxymoron. As they say the life itself is a conflict. And so is Blogosphere, right?


my first blog post… sigh

damn… im writing my first blog and i don’t even know what to write…. well anyways… lets see what the future holds for me…  Its past midnight now and i don’t think im gonna waste my sleep on this silly first post of mine..  adios till my next post.. 🙂