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I only cared..

Pain, agony, melancholy and suffering,

Are what my bare heart echoes.

The sun shines all over, except in me,

I’m all alone, living an uncared life.

Touch your gentle heart just the once,

You would know what I go through.

Sometimes I wonder why not end it all,

But only for the three divine virtues.

You are not cruel, neither are you cold.

If only you open those benign eyes,

And be witness to the desolation I live.

Will you realize I have only cared.


Priceless is what you be…


Life is what, I never knew,

Nor a clue what love meant.

Till the day you walked in.

Synonym of life, you came to be.

Happy was he, who be your dearest.

Your dearest, I longed to be.


It be your love, I craved for.

Your care I prayed for.

Cherished I, when you be happy.

Ask me what priceless is.

It is not all the riches,

Priceless is what you be.


Not a lot that I wish for.

What I wish for the most,

Is that you be smiling.

And yet, you only reject

If loving you is what a crime is,

Then I be the grandest criminal.





A girl I used to know..

I remember this girl, who I used to know

A long time back, during my happier days.

She was pretty and lovable and charming

I can tell you, she was a treat to watch.

Came a time when something happened

And I would never see her again in my life.

I cried, cried and cried for days and months

Till I realized not one is going to listen.

I wonder if she would be thinking of me

Just as I remember her every other day.

If only I could tell her how much I care

For she showed me what love is like.