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Ghajini Review – Dont Expect Memento here

First things first, Aamir Khan is no Guy Pearce and AR Murugadoss is no Christopher Nolan. Whether you like Ghajini or not depends on how you look at it. For all those who have seen Nolan’s 2000 flick Memento, Ghajini may turn out to be a cheap Indian rip. On the other hand if you are among those who haven’t seen the original or if you don’t mind directors being ‘inspired’ by Hollywood, just sit back and enjoy the ride. 

I walked into the theatre knowing what to expect. I had already seen the Tamil version made by the same director. I had very much appreciated the effort but then I had never even heard about Memento. Cutting back to the Hindi version, the director has made a few changes here and there, but nothing really that deviates from the Tamil Ghajini. The film is about a business tycoon, Sanjay Singhania (Aamir Khan) who falls in love with a model, Kalpana Shetty (Asin) without letting out his true identity. Kalpana too ultimately reciprocates his love. Just as he is about to reveal himself, Kalpana gets killed by  a goon Ghajini (Pradeep Rawat), as she got herself involved with his men who were trafficking young girls. While trying to save Kalpana,  Sanjay gets hit on the head but survives and  is diagnosed with amnesia. The rest of the film is about how Sanjay tracks down his girlfriend’s killers and exacts revenge. 

Aamir Khan in his macho avatar with six-packs and all has done a decent job. But somewhere I felt he wasn’t all too convincing as Asin’s lover boy. There is nothing except for his memory condition and the tattoos all over his body that can be likened to Guy Pearce in Memento. He looked rather cramped up in his suits with all the bulging muscles. Asin’s role is no different from the one in the Tamil one. Vivacious, bubbly, confident with a tinge of over-acting which was necessary for the role. The second heroine, Jiah Khan who plays a medical student researching amnesia, has certainly come some way from her Nishabd days. She looks pretty and has carried out her role aptly. Pradeep Rawat as the mean baddie is no different from any other Bollywood villain. Nothing new there. 

On the technical front, I should say I was quite impressed with Ravi K. Chandran‘s cinematography. It looked fresh, colorful and appealing. Anthony Gonsalves has done a good job as editor especially in the parts where the film cuts back and forth between Aamir’s past and the present. AR Murugadoss as director has tried nothing new and just delivered what was expected of him – “Make a full and full money spinning masala movie”. One thing for sure, if he continues making such films, he is for sure to remain in Bollywood. 

Ghajini just like the Tamil one, is no Memento. The only thing that is psychological about this psychological thriller is Aamir’s psychological problem. Apart from that the film is just another masala Bollywood flick. Your opinion of the film is sure to change if you have seen Memento. But nevertheless, it is a worthy watch during the holiday season. I would give the fim 3.5 on a scale of 5.


Taare Zameen Par for the Academy awards

It has been decided that Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par will be India’s official entry for the Best Foreign Language Picture Oscar by the Film Federation of India (FFI). The pictire that won the hearts of both the audience as well as the critics alike is indeed a right choice for the Academy awards. TZP which tells the story of an eight year old dyslexic child played by Darsheel Safary is easily one of the best films made in India. The film was also Aamir’s first directorial venture in addition to playing the role of Darsheel’s arts teacher and mentor.

The FFI’s decision to send Eklavya to the Oscars last year had led to a huge outcry from film buffs. In 2006, Rang De Basanti selected for the Oscars. But due to public pressure, director Raj Kumar Hirani decided to send his own Lage Raho Munna Bhai as an unofficial entry. Unfortunately, neither made it big, although Deepa Mehta’s Water which was Canada’s official entry made it to the final five. Barring a few like the Marathi film Shwaas in 2004 and Aamir’s Lagaan in 2001 none of India’s entry have been worthy of any praise. Films like Paheli and Devdas were indeed good. But there were better films made in the year they were sent. In 2005 for example, the year Paheli was sent, other movies like Iqbal, Black or Page 3 deserved the honor. But perhaps the worst of them all was in 1998, when the bilingual Jeans was the official entry. The movie was totally deserted by the critics as well as the Hindi viewers although it did well in Tamil.

Aamir will be hoping he can do one better this time. Lagaan had reached the final five, but lost to No Man’s Land. The whole of India will be praying Aamir for a second time lucky.