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Knights unlucky to lose

 Alright, it’s been sometime since I updated this lazy blog of mine.  I would be lying if I said that there was nothing that inspired me to write. But then there were a lot of other things, including project deadlines and other shit from college. So it looks like cricket and politics are hogging the headlines at this point of time. The IPL fever is slowly but steadily catching on. Boy, what a match last night between Kolkata and Rajasthan. Definitely one of the best T20 games I’ve ever seen, although I would have been happy if the Knights had managed to triumph. Full credit to Warne and co though, especially Kamran Khan. 

I saw today a news channel with an article blaming Knights’ coach John Buchanan for the loss, as it was his decision apparently to open the superover with the out of form Brendon McCullum, rather than Sourav Ganguly, along with Chris Gayle. I may be a big fan of Dada, but I don’t think Sourav opening would have made such a big difference. He definitely would have tried giving the strike to the magnificent Gayle. Rather than saying the batsmen failed, it would be far more appropriate to say the bowler Kamran Khan was successfull. Don’t be surprised if this tearaway makes it to the Indian team for the T20 World Championships later this year. The fault Kolkata made was in giving the ball to Ajantha Mendis. Mendis might be a mystery man, but when you got just 15 runs on the board to defend, the option of a spinner bowling is totally out of the question, even it is Shane Warne himself. Add to that the fact that Yusuf Pathan who was the batsman is capable of sending any bowler to the stands, let alone Mendis. McCullum as a captain has absolutely no experience and SRK would have been right making Gayle the captain, if not Dada. I wonder why McCullum isn’t given any ‘importance’ by the Fake IPL player. 

BTW the Great Indian Reality Show, as NDTV puts it, the General Elections are on. DO VOTE. I would be super glad if your vote is for the Congress or its allies. Jai Hind. 😉