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A tribute to a friend I never knew

I only knew him by his first name. I did not know him personally, neither had I ever spoken to him. He was my junior in college, that is till a few days back. It came as an utter shock when I received the message that Arjun Vasudev had passed away in a road accident. Although he had got nothing to do with me,  his sudden demise has had a very deep impact on me. How true, you only know about the great things a person has done only after he/she has left us permanently.

To me he just seemed an ordinary college dude.  At least whenever I saw he only wore a purple colored shirt. He played the guitar and even played for our college culturals representing our department. But only after the testimonials his friends gave, did I actually know how brilliant a guy he was. He was not just an ordinary guitar player; he was simply too good, I hear. Wish he was my batchmate rather than a junior. 

They say God wants the best to be with him and so take them away early. But I feel this is absurd. Arjun was the best but that doesn’t mean God has taken him away. He still lives very much with us, more than with God. His friends said that he hated the most when they never smiled. And even in most of his pics, he  seems to be the Mr. Smiley. Probably that is why even we should smile as he departs us, even though it’s the most difficult thing for us. He must be smiling too, from somewhere around us, watching. As I move along, I have just one question for God – “Why him?”