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Ministry Blues

I’m writing this article only for the sake of it. Its been sometime since I last updated my blog and even though it is nothing but shit, I feel I need to give this blog some life.

And so what do we have here? The IPL is almost over; the Fake IPL player is done as well without bothering to reveal his true self, cowardice to some,  but balls of steel to me. Elections are done as well and just as I was hoping, the Congress won comfortably surpassing its own expectations. Full credit to Rahul there, and also to his dear cousin Varun for screwing his own party. 

First of all hearty congrats to  Dr. Manmohan Singh and the Grand old party. At least this time the Congress won’t have to lick the Left’s red ass. Karat and his comrades had the shit beaten out of them in Bengal and Kerala. Mamata’s Singur magic working there. But some people never seem to learn a lesson. Take the case of Mr. Karunanidhi for example. The old bugger needs the help of another 10 people to move around and still he thinks the Congress is a puppet in the hands of its ever manipulative allies. On what basis is the old fuck demanding 8 seats in the cabinet for his DMK. The whole thing only shows his hypocrisy. When he is not ready to give the Congress any ministerial berth in the State Assembly without whom  his govt. would come tumbling down, why should the DMK be given so many posts?

Lalu did a wonderful job as Railway minister last year. So what if he 50 crores go to his pocket when 100 crores goes to the govt’s pockets? It’s a pity that he coudn’t win any seats for which only he himself is to be blamed. After Lalu, the obvious choice is Mamata Banerjee who did a reasonable job handling the portfolio in the NDA govt. for sometime. Why the hell is then the DMK asking for the Railway portfolio? Karunanidhi should have a look at the performance of his ministers in the last government. TR Baalu set an example for fucking up the entire department he was given. The least said about A. Raja, the better. And the only capable person in the DMK, Mr. Dayanidhi Maran wouldn’t be given a chance again by the old fuck. He was doing a fine job in bringing the 3G Revolution to India among other things, when he was pulled down by Karuna due to personal animosity and replaced by Raja who totally made a mess of what Maran had achieved in 4 years in just 4 days. The party is now trying to ‘threaten’ the Congress by saying it would only give outside support. I seriously hope that they withdraw total support as the Congress won’t be at their mercy anymore. Even without the DMK the UPA has clear majority with support from the SP and other parties. Mulayam and Amar Singh would openly be more than willing to reimpose the supporrt for UPA if given just 1 or 2 cabinet berths. 

If the DMK at all withdraws support for the UPA it would be an interesting situation here in Madras. In an assembly of 234 members the DMK has only 96 of their own and currently the govt. is run with the outside support of the Congress which as 34 members. So if the DMK withdraws support at the centre the Congress won’t just remain a mute spectator and will only be happy to exact a sweet revenge by bringing down the TN govt. and maybe even support the AIADMK led alliance which already has the PMK, MDMK, and the Left for support. I sure hope this happens because although both Karuna and Jayalalitha  are assholes in their own right, I prefer Amma to be TN CM anytime to the old fuck.  

By the way this would be my choice for some top portfolios in the Union Cabinet:

Home       – P. Chidambaram

Defence  –  A.K. Anthony

External Affairs – Shashi Tharoor (Virtually impossible though)

Finance – Pranab Mukherjee

Railways – Mamata Banerjee (Lalu was first choice but..) 

IT and Telecom – Jyotiraditya Scindia 

Rural Deveopment – Rahul Gandhi (Best for Rahul to work with)

HRD – Kapil Sibal 

Parlimentary Affairs – Ghulam Nabi Azad 

Civil Aviation – Praful Patel

LS Speaker – Jaipal Reddy 

Tourism – Ambika Soni 

Commerce – Kamal Nath


In BJP’s Karnataka, ‘Obscenity’, not beating up of women, a crime

 Seriously, how many times do we have to go through this? The Bangalore police arrested a 100 odd gang of late night party revellers. They were booked for violating excise laws by selling liquor. Fair enough. But why the hell were they booked for ‘Public obscenity’. I mean, was it not a private party? The young men and women were not dancing in the middle of Brigade road, were they? They were just chilling out having fun at a private party organised at a private farmhouse by private people. How then does the word ‘public’ creep into all this? Is dancing in a disco an obscenity as well?

If you remember it seemed like a lifetime before for our own  ‘Mr. Culture’, Pramod Muthalik was arrested, this despite pictures of his group beating up innocent girls  at a pub being splashed all over national television. The irony was Muthalik was not arrested for the pub attacks, but for some inflammatory speech he made sometime back. The attack happened in broad daylight and still the police couldn’t ‘positively’ identify the attackers. However the Karnataka police were quick to arrest the revellers even as early as 4am in the morning for partying.


Shame on You, Naveen Patnaik!

I wake up today morning to read this shocking news on Times of India – 38 days on, Patnaik govt admits nun’s rape. I was under the impression that Naveen Patnaik was one of the better politicians India has had, until this headline that is. A young Christian nun in Orissa was raped and paraded on the streets by Hindu fundamentalists. And more than a month for the govt to acknowledge that something of such magnituda happened. It is disgusting to say the least. The police could only stand and stare as such a heinous crime was committed right in front of their eyes. Christians in the state are living in a state of fear. Sangh Parivar and Bajrang Dal activists are out on a witch hunt for them. The state govt has so far been only a mute spectator.

After 38 long days, Patnaik commented that the rape was “shameful” and a “savage” act and “stringent action” would be taken against the culprits. Wasn’t the crime shameful or stringent for the last 38 days. And I am sure even after 24 hours since his comments, not one person would have been arrested. And what about the Central govt? Dr. Manmohan Singh is worried about the country’s image being tarnished because of the communal violence in the country, not about the innocent Christians who are being persecuted for no mistake of theirs. If the UPA govt calls itself “secular”, they take appropriate action against the Orissa govt. Central forces should be sent the state to maintain peace.

Apparently, as the poor nun was paraded along the streets, the self claimed ‘protectors’ of India’s culture were shouting “Bharat Matha Ki Jay”!! Is this what Bharat Matha should be proud about? The monsters who committed the atrocity should not just be killed, but tortured and burned alive. And these fanatic bastards are protesting the bombings in the county. What is the difference between the terrorists and the Sangh Parivar. Both are propogating violence in the name of religion. But any sane individual would think that nether Allah nor Ram in no way favor such fundamentalism. Why are Christians being targetted? So afr, as long as I know, we have been only working towards the betterment of the society. The maximum number of educational and health insitutions in the country have been set up by Christian organizations. What wrong have we done to the country and its people apart from serving?