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Now God’s own IPL team?


Possible Captain? ... NOT 😛

When the likes of SRK, Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty are minting money with their IPL teams, can our very own Southern superstars be left out? According to media reports Mohanlal is all set to enter the the bandwagon as well. Accompanying him will be best friend and ace director Priyadarshan. Lalettan and Priyan have apparently expressed interest in entering a Kerala based franchisee for the 2010 edition of the Indian Premier League.

However from the looks of it, it is easier said than done. First of all Kerala doesn’t have a proper stadium. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium at Kaloor, Kochi which has so far hosted international matches in the state doesn’t even have a roof to escape the scorching sun. The floodlights are hardly in any working condition. With all the corruption in the Kerala Cricket Association, even if a Tripura or Nagaland is ready to host an IPL match, our administrators in Dheivathinte Swantham Naadu will be still fighting among themselves for a seat next to the cheerleaders. And when cities like Ahmedabad and Kanpur which have better stadia are around, it is unlikely that money hungry BCCI will even consider Kerala.

Apart from Sreesanth, the only Kerala Ranji player in the IPL is Raiphi Gomez of the Rajasthan Royals. Even the Chennai Super Kings of which Kerala is a catchment state, doesn’t have a single mallu in the team. If Kerala’s Ranji recors are anything to go by, even the lowly Knightriders won’t have any problems dispatching them. Priyadarshan has said that he hopes to develop talented cricketers from the state. Hope he doesn’t mean players like Sreesanth. One Appam is more than enough to give us malayalis a ‘good’ name.


BCCI vs ICL but on the cricket field for a change

India takes on giant-killers Ireland in today’s T20 World Cup fixture. Shouldn’t the BCCI be boycotting the game? Perplexed? When India takes the field for tonight’s game it will probably be the first time an India team is involved in a Match that also features players who’ve been involved in the Indian Cricket League (ICL). Ireland mainstays Niall O’Brien and Boyd Rankin turned up for the Delhi Jets and the Kolkata Tigers in the inaugural season respectively.

Keeper O’Brien was in fact the man of the match in Ireland’s victory over Bangladesh in their earlier match. He was also the MOM when he scored a gritty 72 to lead the Irish to a famous victory over India’s arch-rivals Pakistan in the 2007 World Cup. Rankin meanwhile took career best figures of 3/32 in the match and also  topped the bowling charts for Men in Green for the tournament. The two are in fact the only ex ICL players to have turned up for their national sides in official tournaments so far.

The BCCI looks like is unaware of the ICL presence in the Ireland team. They may have relaxed rules for ex ICL talent and is in the process of welcoming them back to the ‘official’ fold and so is unlikely to create any problems in tonight’s game even if they are aware of the situation. But it should be noted that Rankin and O’Brien returned to national colors as far as back in March 2008, more than an year before the Indian Board’s pardoning of the ‘rebels’. If Ireland goes on to upset the Indians tonight, the ICL bosses will have a reason to smile. After all it will be the only time that they probably will taste any sort of success against the BCCI.


A lot of cricket and a little bit of exams

What is common between greats like Chaminda Vaas, Wasim Akram, Yuvraj Singh and me? Don’t know? Well we both have taken 2 hat-tricks. Muhahahah! Ok, Yuvraj’s was in IPL T20s and mine may have been in matches that barely qualify as a gully cricket games. Still who cares, I got 2 hat-tricks within the space of 2 weeks. At least that’s a record none of my cricketing buddies can be proud of. See I rock!  Unfortunately for me, my team lost in both the occasions. Any team I play in can give the Scots a run for their money. Include me in the team and be rest assured, 10-15 matches without a victory will not be too hard to take for the captain. So it was quite a Dutch moment for me when the team I played in actually won a game. Last time  I won a match was like 15 matches ago. Guess the only thing let for me to do is hit six sixes in an over off some Stuart Broad wannabe. 😉

Well that was yesterday’s story. I actually started writing this post before going to play some cricket today. Today though was different. I did not to get to bowl much today, but made sure that I made my presence felt with the bat and in the field. Yeah even I can’t believe that I managed to field well. I even took a catch that I feel is a stunner after seeing the expression on my friends’ faces. And the best part, a team I’m playing won 3 out of 4 matches played. Don’t remember when such a thing happened before. The last match that we played was even thrilling than the Netherlands-England T20 match. 

Guess I’m talking a lot for a ‘good’ performances in a cricket game played in a field smaller than the 15 yard circle in a real cricket ground. The distance between the bowler and the boundary might be shorter than the pitch itself. There might be more houses surrounding the field than the number of players in a side. Of course, we may be only ‘throwing’ and not running in and bowling. But we actually have incorporated actual cricket rules which is probably a first for gully cricket anywhere. We have runs for overthrows, overstepping no-balls, and even free hits. The only thing probably left is LBW. But who needs it when you get out the moment you hit the ball inside any one of the many houses that surround us. There is even a house which is just a couple of meters away from the batsman. But at the end of the day its not about the perfectness of the cricket that we play, rather the fun we have that matters. 

By the way today also happened to be the day my semester results were out. Kind of a mixed bag actually. But that was more or less expected. I managed to clear all except for the stupid German arrear exam which I missed because I thought it was in the afternoon when it actually got over in the morning itself. Stupid me rather than stupid exam. The historian in me is still not smiling though. I expected much more marks than the 68 I got in my ‘History of arts and architecture’ exam. As for the others, I don’t really give a fuck. I’m glad that I passed in the majors. 

Thats it I guess for today. Peace.


A truly global England

 Watching the England cricket team play is like watching an IPL team play. Six of their players from the T20 World Cup have foreign roots. Here is a list of ‘foreign’ players in the England T20 squad.

  • Kevin Pietersen – Born to an Afrikaan father and English speaking mother in Durban, South Africa
  • Ravi Bopara – Born to Indian Punjabi parents in London
  • Dimitri Mascarenhas – Born to Sri Lankan parents in London
  • Adil Rashid – Born to Pakistanis in Bradford, England
  • Owais Shah – Pakistani born in Karachi
  • Eoin Morgan – Born in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, and even played in the 2007 World Cup for the All Irish team. 

In the 2007 cricket World cup, seven players in addition to coach Duncan Fletcher were either of foreign origin or born outside England. Andrew Strauss who is the current ODI and Test skipper was born in South Africa off Afrikaan heritage (I’m not entirely sure, but his surname is of German origin and hence my conclusion). Monty Panesar is a Sikh of Indian origin while Sajid Mohammad is a second generation Pakistani. Jamie Dalrymple was born in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Since the 70s England has been represented by many an outsider. Most were cricketers from South Africa, which at the time was barred from International cricket, who turned up in England colors. Tony Greig, Basil D’Oliviera, Robin Smith, Allan Lamb, Derek Pringle to name of a few. The 90s and the new millennium saw a lot of other ‘countries’ in the team, especially Asians. Graeme Hick, Philip DeFreitas, Chris Lewis, Nasser Hussain, the Hollioake brothers, Robert Croft, Kabir Ali, Vikram Solanki etc were England regulars. 

Now although this trend does reflect the diversity in the British society, the inclusion of players like Eoin Morgan and Gavin Hamilton of Scotland in the past is not commendable. Both these players are easily the best in their own country. Associate nations like Ireland and Scotland need players like these to prove a challenge to the big boys. Morgan has of course stated his desire to play test cricket but his priority should be for his homeland for whom he has played internationals. ICC should also do something for this. Morgan was playing in green not more than a year back. It is not ethical for England to choose such players. Like in other sports, ICC should bring laws to prevent players from being poached. In fact Hamilton played the 99 world Cup for the Scots, later represented England in a test in which he failed miserably and now he is back playing for his home nation. Why can’t cricket have a rule like in Olympic sports where a player has to wait for 3 years or so before he can switch national sides?


Knights unlucky to lose

 Alright, it’s been sometime since I updated this lazy blog of mine.  I would be lying if I said that there was nothing that inspired me to write. But then there were a lot of other things, including project deadlines and other shit from college. So it looks like cricket and politics are hogging the headlines at this point of time. The IPL fever is slowly but steadily catching on. Boy, what a match last night between Kolkata and Rajasthan. Definitely one of the best T20 games I’ve ever seen, although I would have been happy if the Knights had managed to triumph. Full credit to Warne and co though, especially Kamran Khan. 

I saw today a news channel with an article blaming Knights’ coach John Buchanan for the loss, as it was his decision apparently to open the superover with the out of form Brendon McCullum, rather than Sourav Ganguly, along with Chris Gayle. I may be a big fan of Dada, but I don’t think Sourav opening would have made such a big difference. He definitely would have tried giving the strike to the magnificent Gayle. Rather than saying the batsmen failed, it would be far more appropriate to say the bowler Kamran Khan was successfull. Don’t be surprised if this tearaway makes it to the Indian team for the T20 World Championships later this year. The fault Kolkata made was in giving the ball to Ajantha Mendis. Mendis might be a mystery man, but when you got just 15 runs on the board to defend, the option of a spinner bowling is totally out of the question, even it is Shane Warne himself. Add to that the fact that Yusuf Pathan who was the batsman is capable of sending any bowler to the stands, let alone Mendis. McCullum as a captain has absolutely no experience and SRK would have been right making Gayle the captain, if not Dada. I wonder why McCullum isn’t given any ‘importance’ by the Fake IPL player. 

BTW the Great Indian Reality Show, as NDTV puts it, the General Elections are on. DO VOTE. I would be super glad if your vote is for the Congress or its allies. Jai Hind. 😉


Lahore attacks a diversion

 The whole world knows of Pakistan’s hand in the 26/11 Bombay attacks. The ISI needed to do something that would turn the turn the attention of the world away from the governments  ‘investigations’ on the Bombay attacks. The Lahore attacks could well have been the answer. After their mission the terrorists walked away from the scene, quite literally,  as if they knew not one cop is gonna be after them. Isn’t this enough proof that that the cowardly act was an inside job?

Just like the Bombay attacks , the Lahore attacks was also a perfectly orchesterated operation carried out under the guidance of the ISI. The attack on the Sri Lankans definitely had shades of what happened in Bombay. A hostage situation was obviously on the cards. But for some reason the terrorists left the scene


Time to discuss security for 2011 World Cup

Hope the Sri Lankan and Pakistani cricket boards learn a lesson after today’s events in Lahore. The attack on the bus in which the Sri Lankan team was travelling should be an eye opener to all cricket boards in the sub-continent including the BCCI. The past few months have been very discouraging for cricket in the subcontinent with terrorism acting as a spoil sport. England was forced to cut short their tour after the 26/11 attacks on Bombay and although they did come back to play the tests, I still believe it was a dumb decison and something really bad could definitely have happened. The civil war in Lanka and the mutiny in Bangladesh haven’t been helping to the cause either with the 2011 World Cup not far away. 

India did the right decison by pulling out of the Pakistan tour, but unfortunately it is Jayawardena and co who have found themselves victims to the terrorists’ cowardly acts instead. In my opinion the current tour should have been put on hold the moment Pakistan made a deal with the Taliban. It may be easy for the boards and former players  say, ‘The show must go on’,  but unfortunately it is the players’ life which is put at grave risk. Who would have answered if any one of the cricketer had lost his life or even if one had his career cut short due to injuries. Fortunately though nothing of that sort happened. 

The ICC should take serious action against both the PCB and the SLC for going ahead with the tour despite the situation not being ripe. It is also time to sit and sicuss security for the upcoming World Cup. The situation isn’t getting any better in anywhere in the subcontinent including in India. The ICC should reconsider holding matches in Pakstan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, even in India if anything untoward happens in the coming months. They shouldn’t subject themselves to dictacts issued by the BCCI and rather should act towards the saftey of the numerous players. Any hesitation to take matches away from the subcontinent could turn really fatal. 

Cricket along with other sports in Pakistan is bound to suffer, especially with the growing presence of the Taliban which had banned sports and other leisure activities labelling them ‘unislamic’ while in power in Afghanistan. The PCB by now must have hopefully realised why Australia and other nations have been hesitant towards playing there.