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Communism = Lack of regard for human rights

Yesterday happened to be the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre. It may sound funny but you know what, the number of people killed on that day depends on whether you are a communist or not. Now if you’re a Commie ass licker, you most probably will go by the ‘official’ figure given by the Chinese government which is 241. It’s not that bad is it? Well then read the following figures given by various other sources.

1. NATO Intelligence – 7000

2. Chinese Red Cross – 5000 dead, 30000 injured

3. Amnesty International -1000

4. A People’s Liberaton Army defector – more than 3700 excluding those denied medical assistance and died

5. Soviet Union – 10,000 (Maybe an exaggeration considering the conflicts between the countries)

Which is bigger? 241 or Amnesty’s minimum figure of 1000. You decide. Now the reason I’m writing this is my friend who thinks I’m a fuckin retard to diss communism instead of China, USSR or Cuba. Frankly, does it make a difference? Now he tells me to go and read Das Kapital to know the real communism. Well I don’t fuckin care about the Das Kapital but I do fuckin care about the people who’ve been violated in the name of a Das Kapital or A Communist Manifesto. My dear friend says you can’t judge all communists by judging one. OK, I get his point. I dared him to name one Commie head of state who has at least a decent human rights record. Lenin started by eliminating the Czars and Stalin continued his ‘good work’ in an even grander manner. We talk a lot about Nazi concentration camps, but then what about Stalin’s own concentration camps (Gulags). Some reports suggest even forced cannibalism took place there.

Havana sounds like heaven and that’s what it was, that is before Che and Castro. Hollywood is obsessed with the so called romanticism of Che Guevara’s life, despite the find that most director’s who made flicks on his ‘saga’ actually knew what a cold-blooded person he was. Today’s rock culture adherents idolise him. Gays look upto him for his ‘revolutionary inspiration’. How many of today’s counter-culture youth know that Che hated rock genre, that he jailed homosexuals? Tees with his face sell like pancakes. Isn’t it an irony that he hated Capitalism and his own face is the best way for making big money. It is a fact that Che ‘bravely killed even 14 year olds for disobeying him. Batista’s govt. may have been bad, but Castro’s is hell. It seems Communism means equality for all the people. But apparently Fidel hasnt heard of that bullshit. Racism in Cuba is worse than what it was in the US. Many of Cuba’s children are in the streets with their parents put in prison for protesting against the govt.

If you think Castro and Stalin are the worst, then wait till you hear about Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il. Only in a communist country can you be a President even long after your death. Kim Il Sung is gave himself the title, ‘Eternal President of the Republic’, and so he still continues to hold on to the post 15 years after he died for good. South Park jokingly once called Romania the ass hole of the world. But in my opinion,that title should go to North Korea. While democratic South Korea is fast becoming a global centre, its counterpart is in the feudal ages. North Korea goes officially by ‘Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea’. Really? Chinese Democracy was just a music album but we got ourselves an even better oxymoron ( or is it irony, I’m not sure) The whole world knows of the elder Kim’s numerous illicit affairs. But truth is none of his countrymen are even aware of it. I recommend Nat Geo’s North Korea episode of the show ‘Don’t tell my mother‘ where host Diego Bunuel went to N.Korea in the guise of a tourist and managed to film a lot of interesting things.

I don’t have to say much about China. Tiananmen was tragic enough. It is no different in any other commie ruled country. Be it the military rule in Myanmar or Chavez’s ‘democratically’ elected Commie govt. in Venezuela. These leaders have never heard of the word ‘Human Rights’. Marx may not have envisaged all of this when he wrote his book, but his ideas definitely are not in sync with the current world. You cannot ask a child to go and plough the fields when all he wants to be a doctor or a pilot and make it big in life or in the case of my friend, an ad man. Neither can you ask a man to give away his hard-earned money to the govt. so that it can be ‘re-distributed’ to the poor. Marxism may have been a great idea on paper, but to be honest the execution sucked. And it will always be known only for the execution.


Ministry Blues

I’m writing this article only for the sake of it. Its been sometime since I last updated my blog and even though it is nothing but shit, I feel I need to give this blog some life.

And so what do we have here? The IPL is almost over; the Fake IPL player is done as well without bothering to reveal his true self, cowardice to some,  but balls of steel to me. Elections are done as well and just as I was hoping, the Congress won comfortably surpassing its own expectations. Full credit to Rahul there, and also to his dear cousin Varun for screwing his own party. 

First of all hearty congrats to  Dr. Manmohan Singh and the Grand old party. At least this time the Congress won’t have to lick the Left’s red ass. Karat and his comrades had the shit beaten out of them in Bengal and Kerala. Mamata’s Singur magic working there. But some people never seem to learn a lesson. Take the case of Mr. Karunanidhi for example. The old bugger needs the help of another 10 people to move around and still he thinks the Congress is a puppet in the hands of its ever manipulative allies. On what basis is the old fuck demanding 8 seats in the cabinet for his DMK. The whole thing only shows his hypocrisy. When he is not ready to give the Congress any ministerial berth in the State Assembly without whom  his govt. would come tumbling down, why should the DMK be given so many posts?

Lalu did a wonderful job as Railway minister last year. So what if he 50 crores go to his pocket when 100 crores goes to the govt’s pockets? It’s a pity that he coudn’t win any seats for which only he himself is to be blamed. After Lalu, the obvious choice is Mamata Banerjee who did a reasonable job handling the portfolio in the NDA govt. for sometime. Why the hell is then the DMK asking for the Railway portfolio? Karunanidhi should have a look at the performance of his ministers in the last government. TR Baalu set an example for fucking up the entire department he was given. The least said about A. Raja, the better. And the only capable person in the DMK, Mr. Dayanidhi Maran wouldn’t be given a chance again by the old fuck. He was doing a fine job in bringing the 3G Revolution to India among other things, when he was pulled down by Karuna due to personal animosity and replaced by Raja who totally made a mess of what Maran had achieved in 4 years in just 4 days. The party is now trying to ‘threaten’ the Congress by saying it would only give outside support. I seriously hope that they withdraw total support as the Congress won’t be at their mercy anymore. Even without the DMK the UPA has clear majority with support from the SP and other parties. Mulayam and Amar Singh would openly be more than willing to reimpose the supporrt for UPA if given just 1 or 2 cabinet berths. 

If the DMK at all withdraws support for the UPA it would be an interesting situation here in Madras. In an assembly of 234 members the DMK has only 96 of their own and currently the govt. is run with the outside support of the Congress which as 34 members. So if the DMK withdraws support at the centre the Congress won’t just remain a mute spectator and will only be happy to exact a sweet revenge by bringing down the TN govt. and maybe even support the AIADMK led alliance which already has the PMK, MDMK, and the Left for support. I sure hope this happens because although both Karuna and Jayalalitha  are assholes in their own right, I prefer Amma to be TN CM anytime to the old fuck.  

By the way this would be my choice for some top portfolios in the Union Cabinet:

Home       – P. Chidambaram

Defence  –  A.K. Anthony

External Affairs – Shashi Tharoor (Virtually impossible though)

Finance – Pranab Mukherjee

Railways – Mamata Banerjee (Lalu was first choice but..) 

IT and Telecom – Jyotiraditya Scindia 

Rural Deveopment – Rahul Gandhi (Best for Rahul to work with)

HRD – Kapil Sibal 

Parlimentary Affairs – Ghulam Nabi Azad 

Civil Aviation – Praful Patel

LS Speaker – Jaipal Reddy 

Tourism – Ambika Soni 

Commerce – Kamal Nath