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My blog… A conflict

I’ve decided to write about the title of my blog- Dominus Illumanitio Mea. By now, you must have at least figured out that it is Latin.  It is indeed Latin. The exact meaning of the phrase is The Lord is my light which is from the Bible. It is the opening verse of Psalm 27. The reason I chose it is beacuse I am an ardent fan of God. Also I felt it sounds kinda cool. I have learned that the phrase is also the motto of the University of Oxford and also appears in the University’s coat of arms. Actually I didn’t know this when I started the blog.

About the tag line – I Think, Therefore I am. This was actually in Latin and I decided to use the English translation. Its like this in Latin- Cogito Ergo Sum. It was actually used by the French philosopher René Descatres his book Prince of Philosophy. He had actually used it as a rationalistic statement against the Christian hegemony.

An interesting part is that both the statements Dominus Illuminatio Mea and Cogito Ergo Sum are contradicting. The former glorifies God whereas the latter is against the Chrch. This is purely incidental and I had never actually noticed it. I realised it only while studying the latter. Anyways I guess its pretty cool to have two conflicting phrases together like an oxymoron. As they say the life itself is a conflict. And so is Blogosphere, right?