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Now God’s own IPL team?


Possible Captain? ... NOT 😛

When the likes of SRK, Preity Zinta and Shilpa Shetty are minting money with their IPL teams, can our very own Southern superstars be left out? According to media reports Mohanlal is all set to enter the the bandwagon as well. Accompanying him will be best friend and ace director Priyadarshan. Lalettan and Priyan have apparently expressed interest in entering a Kerala based franchisee for the 2010 edition of the Indian Premier League.

However from the looks of it, it is easier said than done. First of all Kerala doesn’t have a proper stadium. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium at Kaloor, Kochi which has so far hosted international matches in the state doesn’t even have a roof to escape the scorching sun. The floodlights are hardly in any working condition. With all the corruption in the Kerala Cricket Association, even if a Tripura or Nagaland is ready to host an IPL match, our administrators in Dheivathinte Swantham Naadu will be still fighting among themselves for a seat next to the cheerleaders. And when cities like Ahmedabad and Kanpur which have better stadia are around, it is unlikely that money hungry BCCI will even consider Kerala.

Apart from Sreesanth, the only Kerala Ranji player in the IPL is Raiphi Gomez of the Rajasthan Royals. Even the Chennai Super Kings of which Kerala is a catchment state, doesn’t have a single mallu in the team. If Kerala’s Ranji recors are anything to go by, even the lowly Knightriders won’t have any problems dispatching them. Priyadarshan has said that he hopes to develop talented cricketers from the state. Hope he doesn’t mean players like Sreesanth. One Appam is more than enough to give us malayalis a ‘good’ name.


What’s in a name? Everything.

You can never get enough of Mallu names. A mallu can easily come up with a 100 names within the space of a minute. Rhyming names that can easily rival Tennysson’s poems., a talent only the mallu who lives next to your house has the knack of. Siju, Riji, Maji, Lini, Aju, Jijo, Bijo, Sijo, Maju, Shine, Fine, Rhine, Shinto, Rinto, the list ‘simbly’ goes on. But of late I have become aware of a particualr community’s talent in rivaling the infamous Mallu names. If the coconut lovers from Kanjirapalli and Thiruvanthuram are experts at names that can puzzle even the world’s best Onomasticians (Thats the study of proper names; just checked on wiki), the Tamil Christian community are known for their legendary names, quite literally. Julius Caesar, King Solomon, Mark Antony; no I’m not trying to impress you with my history. These are some of the Tamil Christian names I’ve come across.

Here are some of the funny and not so funny names that I’ve seen over the years:

Frenchie: A mallu girl name, probably her dad never once removed his VIP Frenchie innerwear.

Crystalline: A guy from my college has this name. I wonder if his dad has obsessive compulsive disorder in the field of chemistry.

Shitty: This is what I meant by not-so-funny. Imagine a situation where someone asks who she is and she replies, “Shitty”. And they go, “Oh I can see that, but what’s your name?”

And here is the list of ‘historical’ figures I’ve known:

  • Mark Antony
  • Julius Caesar
  • King Solomon
  • David Livingstone
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Sam Houston

And although the names may sound so, none of these guys are Anglo. They are all perfectly Tamil I believe. 

Heronimus: A case of blast from the past. Wonder if this guy was a Roman legionnary who time travelled into our era. 

Amazing Comfortson: By far my favorite. Did his parents name him so because they had the most amazing and comfortful ride (pun definitely intended) conceiving him? 

I’m pretty sure you’ve come across a lot of similar names yourself. Even weirder ones at it. I’ll update this post whenever I discover more of these rare names. 


P.S: After writing this, I feel like a hypocrite being a Mallu myself and my Mallu name being one of those generated by the Mallu Random name-generator. So much for a name.


St. Alphonsa, An icon for Indian Catholics

Growing up in Kerala, I used to see her pictures all around mine and my relatives houses. I was told that she was a great lady who led a pious life serving the poor and the destitute. According to one story, she led such a divine life, that for her first confession she had nothing to confess to the priest. It will be a proud moment tomorrow for Catholics around India, especially Keralites when Alphonsa Muttapadathu will be venerated as a saint by His Holiness Benedict XVI. Alphonsamma to the faithful, she will be the first Indian woman to be canonized. She will also be the first Catholic saint from among the Syrian Christian community.  

Alphonsamma’s life was one full of hardships. Born in Kudumaloor near Kottayam, Kerala as Annakutty in 1910, she lost her mother at an early age. She was since raised by her aunt. Her great-uncle Father Muttathupadathu took interest in her and  taught her to lead a life serving Lord Jesus. She grew up setting her mind to be a nun and serve God. Her father opposed her decison to follow the religious order. When he forced her to marry, she jumped into a burning chaff  which left her permanently disabled. She later achieved her goal of servitude when received the postulant’s veil at Bharananganam in 1928. Although she used to teach at the local schools, she was largely unable to do so because of a decline in her health. She was reportedly cured from her ailments through the intervention of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux and Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara. But later her health continued to deterioate because of illnesses like pneumonia and amnesia. Although she managed to regain her memory, her health was still a concern. She later developed stomach ailments and finally left for her heavenly abode in 1946.

After her death, her tomb at Bharananganam became a pilgrimage center and is still thronged by millions of devotees. It is believed that many have got cured thorough her intervention. In 1999 a handicapped boy was cured of his club foot after offering prayers at her tomb. This miracle led to her canonization. She had in 1986 become Blessed Alphonsa. St. Alphonsa as she will be known from tomorrow, is patron saint for the sick, orphans and people suffering from illnesses.