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A lot of cricket and a little bit of exams

What is common between greats like Chaminda Vaas, Wasim Akram, Yuvraj Singh and me? Don’t know? Well we both have taken 2 hat-tricks. Muhahahah! Ok, Yuvraj’s was in IPL T20s and mine may have been in matches that barely qualify as a gully cricket games. Still who cares, I got 2 hat-tricks within the space of 2 weeks. At least that’s a record none of my cricketing buddies can be proud of. See I rock!  Unfortunately for me, my team lost in both the occasions. Any team I play in can give the Scots a run for their money. Include me in the team and be rest assured, 10-15 matches without a victory will not be too hard to take for the captain. So it was quite a Dutch moment for me when the team I played in actually won a game. Last time  I won a match was like 15 matches ago. Guess the only thing let for me to do is hit six sixes in an over off some Stuart Broad wannabe. 😉

Well that was yesterday’s story. I actually started writing this post before going to play some cricket today. Today though was different. I did not to get to bowl much today, but made sure that I made my presence felt with the bat and in the field. Yeah even I can’t believe that I managed to field well. I even took a catch that I feel is a stunner after seeing the expression on my friends’ faces. And the best part, a team I’m playing won 3 out of 4 matches played. Don’t remember when such a thing happened before. The last match that we played was even thrilling than the Netherlands-England T20 match. 

Guess I’m talking a lot for a ‘good’ performances in a cricket game played in a field smaller than the 15 yard circle in a real cricket ground. The distance between the bowler and the boundary might be shorter than the pitch itself. There might be more houses surrounding the field than the number of players in a side. Of course, we may be only ‘throwing’ and not running in and bowling. But we actually have incorporated actual cricket rules which is probably a first for gully cricket anywhere. We have runs for overthrows, overstepping no-balls, and even free hits. The only thing probably left is LBW. But who needs it when you get out the moment you hit the ball inside any one of the many houses that surround us. There is even a house which is just a couple of meters away from the batsman. But at the end of the day its not about the perfectness of the cricket that we play, rather the fun we have that matters. 

By the way today also happened to be the day my semester results were out. Kind of a mixed bag actually. But that was more or less expected. I managed to clear all except for the stupid German arrear exam which I missed because I thought it was in the afternoon when it actually got over in the morning itself. Stupid me rather than stupid exam. The historian in me is still not smiling though. I expected much more marks than the 68 I got in my ‘History of arts and architecture’ exam. As for the others, I don’t really give a fuck. I’m glad that I passed in the majors. 

Thats it I guess for today. Peace.


When LOSERS won..

Disclaimer: The views posted here are entirely that of the author. The views need not reflect that of any other department or person.

Curtains came closing down yesterday on Ovations’ 08, the cultural extravaganza of my college, Loyola. This time though, something that had not happened in the last sixteen years of the college’s history happened. Visual communication dept. which had been dominating the event for a long time lost to arch rivals dept. Hardly a surprise, if you have been following this year’s event.

Right from the first Off-stage event, it was quite obvious that would stop at nothing to be the winners. There was hardly an event where at least a tinge of controversy was absent. Other departments were left in the lurch despite deserving to win. In a few events, the judges were forced to change their decisions just before the announcement of the winners. In others, participants were disqualified even for trivial issues. being the largest department in the college, definitely had an influence on the College Union.

There were events which B.Com deservedly won. But in most others, if not for their ‘gods’ in higher places, the story would have been entirely different. I am writing this because I personally experienced a ‘shun’ from the organisers of an event.