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What’s in a name? Everything.

You can never get enough of Mallu names. A mallu can easily come up with a 100 names within the space of a minute. Rhyming names that can easily rival Tennysson’s poems., a talent only the mallu who lives next to your house has the knack of. Siju, Riji, Maji, Lini, Aju, Jijo, Bijo, Sijo, Maju, Shine, Fine, Rhine, Shinto, Rinto, the list ‘simbly’ goes on. But of late I have become aware of a particualr community’s talent in rivaling the infamous Mallu names. If the coconut lovers from Kanjirapalli and Thiruvanthuram are experts at names that can puzzle even the world’s best Onomasticians (Thats the study of proper names; just checked on wiki), the Tamil Christian community are known for their legendary names, quite literally. Julius Caesar, King Solomon, Mark Antony; no I’m not trying to impress you with my history. These are some of the Tamil Christian names I’ve come across.

Here are some of the funny and not so funny names that I’ve seen over the years:

Frenchie: A mallu girl name, probably her dad never once removed his VIP Frenchie innerwear.

Crystalline: A guy from my college has this name. I wonder if his dad has obsessive compulsive disorder in the field of chemistry.

Shitty: This is what I meant by not-so-funny. Imagine a situation where someone asks who she is and she replies, “Shitty”. And they go, “Oh I can see that, but what’s your name?”

And here is the list of ‘historical’ figures I’ve known:

  • Mark Antony
  • Julius Caesar
  • King Solomon
  • David Livingstone
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Sam Houston

And although the names may sound so, none of these guys are Anglo. They are all perfectly Tamil I believe. 

Heronimus: A case of blast from the past. Wonder if this guy was a Roman legionnary who time travelled into our era. 

Amazing Comfortson: By far my favorite. Did his parents name him so because they had the most amazing and comfortful ride (pun definitely intended) conceiving him? 

I’m pretty sure you’ve come across a lot of similar names yourself. Even weirder ones at it. I’ll update this post whenever I discover more of these rare names. 


P.S: After writing this, I feel like a hypocrite being a Mallu myself and my Mallu name being one of those generated by the Mallu Random name-generator. So much for a name.