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Karnataka is the New Gujarat

Don’t be surprised if you witness what happened in Gujarat six years back, in the cities of Bangalore, Mysore or Mangalore. The way things are going in the BJP ruled state, a full scale riot could escalate any moment. Karnataka is fast emerging as not an IT destination, rather the new Gujarat and Yeddyurappa the new Narendra Modi. VHP and Bajrang Dal activists have attacked churches around Mangalore protesting ‘forced’ conversions. It is not just Christians who are living in fear, but also Muslims and other minorities.

The whole country was shocked at the atrocities committed during the Post-Godhra riots in 2002. Narendra Modi and his cadres were literally butchering Muslims all over the state. Pictures of people being massacared and begging for their dear lives shattered the peace of every Indian mind.  Now that the BJP has assumed power in Karnataka, Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa is looking up on Modi as his role model and is trying to emulate him.  Despite pressure from the media, NGOs and the common people alike, the Karnataka govt. is still going soft on the Hindu extremists. The in-efficiancy of the government is so evident that, a church in neighbouring Kasargod district of Kerala was also attacked by VHP activists. Still, the only response from Yeddyurappa has been that he is against ‘Forced’ conversions. At least under the previous Congress and JD-S governments, there were no communal tensions. Karnataka had always been considered a peaceful state.

It is not just Karnataka, every state which is under the BJP is rife with communal troubles. We are well aware of whats going on in Orissa, where the BJP shares power the BJD. Its not surprising that Islamic terrorists has so far targeted only BJP ruled states recently. Rajasthan, Karnataka, Gujarat and now Delhi are under BJP control. It is saddening that terrorists are targeting innocents for the mistakes committed by extremist politicians. People like Modi and Yeddyurappa are no different from these terrorists, and they deserve the same punishment as the militants.