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In BJP’s Karnataka, ‘Obscenity’, not beating up of women, a crime

 Seriously, how many times do we have to go through this? The Bangalore police arrested a 100 odd gang of late night party revellers. They were booked for violating excise laws by selling liquor. Fair enough. But why the hell were they booked for ‘Public obscenity’. I mean, was it not a private party? The young men and women were not dancing in the middle of Brigade road, were they? They were just chilling out having fun at a private party organised at a private farmhouse by private people. How then does the word ‘public’ creep into all this? Is dancing in a disco an obscenity as well?

If you remember it seemed like a lifetime before for our own  ‘Mr. Culture’, Pramod Muthalik was arrested, this despite pictures of his group beating up innocent girls  at a pub being splashed all over national television. The irony was Muthalik was not arrested for the pub attacks, but for some inflammatory speech he made sometime back. The attack happened in broad daylight and still the police couldn’t ‘positively’ identify the attackers. However the Karnataka police were quick to arrest the revellers even as early as 4am in the morning for partying.


Chocolate man ‘Axe’d

The Moral police are at it again. This time around its the new ‘Chocolate man’ commercial by Axe deodorant which is in trouble. The Government of India has asked the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) to advise its member channels not to telecast the commercial for ‘Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant’, as it regards the advertisement as being “indecent, vulgar and repulsive.” This is not the first time Axe has been pulled up by the government. A few months back MTV was asked to apologize to its viewers for telecasting an ‘objectionable’ ad from Axe.

The government is in no way right by banning the ad. As a media student I don’t find anything wrong with the commercial. The commercial is in fact probably one of the most creative ever. The concept was fresh and something never done before. I have no idea what is vulgar or indecent in it. If the I&B ministry thinks that kissing scenes are corrupting Indian culture they should have a look at Bollywood as well. Or if they find a chick taking a bite out off a guy’s butt ‘objectionable’, they should go back to the 10th century. It was only a ‘love-bite’; even India’s own Kamasutra talks about love-bites.

There are other serious issues like inflation and terrorism raging the country. The government should rather be focussing on these issues than unneccesarily acting like b*$*&!#s.


HEIGHTs of moral policing

This is probably the height of moral policing. A headline on the Chennai edition of The Times of India read like this – “4 HELD FOR WATCHING PORN”. Oh my God, since when did the cops start snooping around to see if anyone is watching porn? I wonder how many youngsters would be behind the bars in the coming days. The reason the cops gave for the action was that they were afraid the youngsters would probably sell the CDs they possessed which is a crime. Give them a break. Its natural for a youngster to watch porn, especially if he is living with friends. I am in no way endorsing porn, but what I am saying is that people should be allowed to mind their businesses. The police has no right to poke their noses into the private lives of people. An interesting point is that the arrests came at a time when the city’s safety is at a concern with so many bomb threats reported all over. Instead of checking into that, the cops seem to be worried about the ‘corruption’ of young minds. This when there is nobody to check into their own corruption levels.