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A grim day

This may sound creepy and straight out of a Hollywood flick but it happened to me yesterday. A premonition is defined an impression, often perceived as a warning, of a future event. Makes me wonder whether what I went through was a premonition too. I woke up as usual yesterday and justlike every morning mom was piseed at me for not bothering to clean up my room and other things. she then asked m to get some stuff from the shop outside. I blatantly refused screaming, ” Who would you order around if I were to die today or tomorrow?”. She ignored and even I forgot about what I said after sometime.

After a while I left for office and just as I got down from my share-auto another auto whisked past me, missing me by less than an inch. I did not think of anything odd and proceeded to catch a bus. As I sat in the bus and looked outside I saw another MTC bus with a fleet number AMH 911. Now that got me thinking; fuck 9/11? Was it a mere coincidence? Nothing much happened till I got down near my office and began to cross the street. Out of nowhere came a Tata Sumo and I just managed to move out of the way. Not too many incidents while at office. While returning home when I was walking towards the bus depot, I had another near fall. It was a one-way and traffic was moving in my direction. Now, as I was walking there was a car parked on the road side. I chose not to go around it through the sidewalk rather continued wallking on the road. I almost crossed the car when one of those air condintioned MTC bus sped past me without any warning, missing me by the skin of my teeth. Fuck, not again. This time though I even managed to garner some not-so-sweet words from the driver of the bus and a few other passerbys. I knew I had to thank God and thats just what I did. 

I got onto my bus and and sat calmy through the trip. That was until I saw another bus with a fleet number of 911. I don’t remember the depot code of this bus though. Two 9/11s and  three near death experiences are more than a co-incidence to me. Don’t blame me if anyhting happens on 9/11 this year, or for that matter even if anything happens to me on the date. Guess my days are counted.


Chennai’s buses… say WOW!!

Bus commuting in Chennai is the cheapest when compared to other metros. Nowhere in India do you find charges as low as 2 Rs for a minimum distance. I was actually surprised when my relatives from Bangalore told me that for the distance I travel from my place to college which is approximately 15 km, if it were in Bangalore I would have to churn out some 15 bucks. I was actually stunned. Here in Chennai all it takes is 5 bucks on an Ordinary bus or 10 bucks on a Deluxe bus. A Deluxe bus here is cheaper than an Ordinary in B’lore. Also there isn’t much difference between an Ordinary and a Deluxe in terms of condition. Just that Deluxe got cushion seats and that it stops only at important places. The new buses brought out by the MTC for ordinary fare are in good shape as well. Despite the rise in fuel prizes MTC for their part haven’t hiked the ticket rates as well, this in stark contrast to other modes of public transport like autos and share autos, which at times charge double of what was the charge six months back. Not one auto driver in the city would charge you less than 20 bucks for a 2 km ride. Add to the fact there are buses to any place in the city and the outskirts. Chennai has after all the biggest bus terminus in Asia in CMBT. Buses are definitely the best way to commute in Channai.

If u agree to the above then read on..

So by now you must be convinced buses are numero uno in Chennai right? Unless of course you use the ‘Public limousine’ (as my friend puts it) between 8 to 9.30 in the morning or 6.30 to 9.00 in the evening. Now all you people who belong to this category must have been cursing me during my first paragraph right? Can’t blame you really. True, bus travel is cheap in Chennai, but it sure comes with a prize. There are times when I have to go to college for some reasons in the morning (College starts normally at 1.45 for me as I am in Shift-II). Now unless I start early I am sure to be squashed, quite literally. So I reach the bus stop and wait for a bus that goes to my college. Speaking of the bus stop, except for the roof above there is nothing worth to be called a bus stop. There are some 40-50 people waiting in the 3 meter long shed. There is no bench to rest my a**, so I have to sweat it out on my feet. So I wait for the bus. I start cursing my stars for buses may come and buses may go, but i stand on forever (Tennyson must have had some idea of my condition while penning the original). Then finally out of the blue, behold here comes my transport. Thank God, but only for a second. The bus itself arrives tilted to one side because of the young men showing their courage hanging on in the foot boards. As soon as the bus stops its as if a flood inside. People just barge in not even bothering to allow those people getting down. Somehow I manage to get in. Actually I don’t have to do anything for the people behind push me inside in no time. This is what I said earlier,about being squashed. I have only read in history books about how dozens of prisoners were cramped together in single cells. In Chennai, you can actually experience it personally. You just get about an inch to rest your feet. Move a little to your left or to the right, you are sure to be hurled abuses at. Sometimes, along with the ticket you could actually get free abuses, especially if you flash a 50 Rs note to the conductor for a ticket of 5 Rs. The travel seems like eternity. The bus moves at snail’s pace as the drivers here unlike the ones in my home Kerala, believe in non-violence. Till the time you get a place to sit you would feel its a punishment for all the mischiefs you have so far gotten away with. Even finding a seat is like a mini battle. There are at least four people at time standing around a seat, so as to occupy it as soon as its free. Once you sit down, its like the best feeling on the planet. BTW, while getting down make sure that you arrive near the non-existent door at least 2 stops before your destination or be ready to face another round of squashing or abuses or sometimes both. Finally you get down from the bus and think- “Whoever said don’t think about the destination, enjoy the ride.” I look at the time, no surprises there- late by 15 min. 🙂