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My ‘new’ camera

I finally got myself a digital camera today, though the only thing ‘new’ about is it that its ‘newly’ repaired. Anyways its a 4 year old Olympus Camedia C-5000 Zoom . Dad bought it back in 2004. Phew,5 years for a digital camera is something. Now this is something that I like about Olympus. It lasts long, really long, at least from my experience. The DSLR my dad uses presently is not too bad either.

My ‘new’ camera first started having problems after using being used for maybe 3 years. I used to get some weird memory card error every time I clicked a picture. We did try giving it for repair but the problem became persistent before my dad decided to do away with, well at least for a while. In time t developed lot of other problems too. The shutter wouldn’t open at times, start-up problems, lots. Ultimately at least 5 memory cards were spoiled by the faulty camera. olympus

Then one day I decided that I NEED a proper camera. You cant blame me; I’m a Visual Communication student. A camera to me is like an M-16 to a US Marine. My dad wouldn’t let me get a new camera. He advised me to try repairing the old one and use. I refused, but in time learnt I had to budge. And thus went the camera under the knives of a watchful repair-man. This time dad made sure that the camera went into the right hands. After a short wait, the camera finally was sound and ready.

The camera still does have a small problem though. Whenever try zooming, the shutter-speed increases too. Some snag in the wiring I guess. But the repair-man promised he would look into it and hopefully he will. At least I’m relieved that I finally have a camera in my hand. It’s only 5 meg and low on features but then it was made in 2004. Guess I’ll be using this till I get myself a new DSLR. In less than a week, I’ll be formally and officially in final year of college and that means excursion time. I so desperately need a DSLR for the trip. Hopefully that won’t be long.