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When LOSERS won..

Disclaimer: The views posted here are entirely that of the author. The views need not reflect that of any other department or person.

Curtains came closing down yesterday on Ovations’ 08, the cultural extravaganza of my college, Loyola. This time though, something that had not happened in the last sixteen years of the college’s history happened. Visual communication dept. which had been dominating the event for a long time lost to arch rivals dept. Hardly a surprise, if you have been following this year’s event.

Right from the first Off-stage event, it was quite obvious that would stop at nothing to be the winners. There was hardly an event where at least a tinge of controversy was absent. Other departments were left in the lurch despite deserving to win. In a few events, the judges were forced to change their decisions just before the announcement of the winners. In others, participants were disqualified even for trivial issues. being the largest department in the college, definitely had an influence on the College Union.

There were events which B.Com deservedly won. But in most others, if not for their ‘gods’ in higher places, the story would have been entirely different. I am writing this because I personally experienced a ‘shun’ from the organisers of an event.