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Dear ministers, you are only our servants.

Courtesy - Deccan Chronicle - 12/09/09

Courtesy - Deccan Chronicle - 12/09/09

Austerity is a term used when a national government reduces its spending, usually to pay back creditors. And austerity seems to be the buzz word in the Parliament of late. The UPA government’s decision to implement austerity measures, though welcome, has already created a storm in the political circles.  It all started when ministers SM Krishna and Shashi Tharoor were asked to check out of the luxury hotels they were staying at. However, this definitely was uncalled for, because as far as my knowledge is, both the ministers were living off on their own hard earned money and not the taxpayers.

The issue kicked in further when Finance minister P Chidambaram ‘requested’ his peers to travel in Economy class while flying domestic and Business while on International flights. Of course, something not easy to digest for the Baabus. Although they agreed to it, their call for 1st class on International flights is very much in the wrong direction. Sharad Pawar even went on to point out the “hazards” of flying economy was the prospect of being intruded upon by other passengers. Perhaps someone should remind dear Mr. Pawar, that he just a servant of the public and not vice versa.

Shashi Tharoor had responded to the situation, saying on Twitter:

I would be ashamed if I was spending the people’s money. But I’m not – I’m spending my own savings.

As long as the ministers pay from their own pockets for special privileges it is okay. Most of them are rich and buying an Executive class ticket as they wish won’t nuke their pockets. Like Mr. Tharoor says the ministers, who are mere representatives of the people, should be ashamed to spend the people’s money for their luxuries.

Moving on, Rahul Gandhi called for the Congress to return to power in Tamil Nadu. He was here in TN to kick of a youth recruitment drive all across the state. I really hope his dream comes true and end the dominance of self-centered regional parties. While an alliance with the DMK may be good at the moment, the Congress will definetely need to rethink about it in the future, especially if it hopes for a revival of the party, like it did in Uttar Pradesh.


Patil resigns, Chidambaram new Home Minister

 Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has come up with a master move. With the Mumbai terror saga still refusing to die down, first he got Home Minister Shivraj Patil to resign, replacing him with Finance Minister P. Chidambaram and finally taking himself the additional responsibility of finance. Indeed, the PM has got two birds with one stone. Patil as minister had been committing blunder after blunder, and is pretty infamous for his cliched remarks after every terror strike – “We are looking into it.” In fact speaking of the Mumbai attacks he had said that for a large and famed city like Mumbai, the recent attack is just a ‘small’ thing. 

Also,with recession looming large over the nation, the PM’s decision to make himself handle finance is also a welcome move. Chidambaram had been under performing and  could have done a lot better considering his credentials. There is no doubt that the Mr. Singh is the best economist in the country and is no stranger to his new post, having served as FM under PV Narasimha Rao. Manmohan is  the best person in the country who could probably save the country from a financial crisis. 

The changes are also good for the Congress with general elections just around the corner. The PM and his colleagues better pull up their socks if they want to see a repeat of 2004.