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Skitter and me

Skitter will always be remembered. The 5 odd hours I spent with him/her (I choose to call ‘him’) are probably never to be regained.  For 2 odd hours, Skitter was more than just a pet to me, before being gifted away to a friend. She was the one who christened him Skitter. If you’re wondering what kind of species  Skitter was, well he was what you might call a Praying Mantis, all but 3cm long and green in color. And a bug.

I found Skitter majestically seated on the vast hairyness of my friend’s head. I placed my finger next to him and he immediately jumped on to it. He was there, making his way between fingers and both my hands. Mantis religiosa as the scientific world prefers to call his kinsmen, became officially my ‘favorite living organism’ almost instantly. I loved the way he held his two forelegs and ‘prayed’. Enough proof that even animals believe in God; Atheists can go fuck themselves.


Once in the classroom my friend decided she should take care of Skitter and that’s exactly what she made sure. And so tiny Mr. Skitter jumped from my hands to hers. Even when he was not active he didn’t bother leaving behind his new home. He just sat there, occasionally moving, quite contrary to what he was on my hands. He was still seated on her forearms when we were munching away Dahi Bhel Pooris and Paneer Parathas at a chat shop 5 hours later. Skitter even managed to survive Sarah’s lectures, something even we barely manage to.

My friend walked away towards her home and along with her, Skitter. Few hours later her facebook update pops up, “Skitter is missing”. I felt my heart being shattered into a thousand pieces. Yes, a BUG broke my heart. After all, not everyone is lucky enough to have a Mantis as a pet, even it is for only 2 hours.

Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and Billy Mays. You may add Skitter the Praying Mantis to the list too.