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Lahore attacks a diversion

 The whole world knows of Pakistan’s hand in the 26/11 Bombay attacks. The ISI needed to do something that would turn the turn the attention of the world away from the governments  ‘investigations’ on the Bombay attacks. The Lahore attacks could well have been the answer. After their mission the terrorists walked away from the scene, quite literally,  as if they knew not one cop is gonna be after them. Isn’t this enough proof that that the cowardly act was an inside job?

Just like the Bombay attacks , the Lahore attacks was also a perfectly orchesterated operation carried out under the guidance of the ISI. The attack on the Sri Lankans definitely had shades of what happened in Bombay. A hostage situation was obviously on the cards. But for some reason the terrorists left the scene


Time to discuss security for 2011 World Cup

Hope the Sri Lankan and Pakistani cricket boards learn a lesson after today’s events in Lahore. The attack on the bus in which the Sri Lankan team was travelling should be an eye opener to all cricket boards in the sub-continent including the BCCI. The past few months have been very discouraging for cricket in the subcontinent with terrorism acting as a spoil sport. England was forced to cut short their tour after the 26/11 attacks on Bombay and although they did come back to play the tests, I still believe it was a dumb decison and something really bad could definitely have happened. The civil war in Lanka and the mutiny in Bangladesh haven’t been helping to the cause either with the 2011 World Cup not far away. 

India did the right decison by pulling out of the Pakistan tour, but unfortunately it is Jayawardena and co who have found themselves victims to the terrorists’ cowardly acts instead. In my opinion the current tour should have been put on hold the moment Pakistan made a deal with the Taliban. It may be easy for the boards and former players  say, ‘The show must go on’,  but unfortunately it is the players’ life which is put at grave risk. Who would have answered if any one of the cricketer had lost his life or even if one had his career cut short due to injuries. Fortunately though nothing of that sort happened. 

The ICC should take serious action against both the PCB and the SLC for going ahead with the tour despite the situation not being ripe. It is also time to sit and sicuss security for the upcoming World Cup. The situation isn’t getting any better in anywhere in the subcontinent including in India. The ICC should reconsider holding matches in Pakstan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, even in India if anything untoward happens in the coming months. They shouldn’t subject themselves to dictacts issued by the BCCI and rather should act towards the saftey of the numerous players. Any hesitation to take matches away from the subcontinent could turn really fatal. 

Cricket along with other sports in Pakistan is bound to suffer, especially with the growing presence of the Taliban which had banned sports and other leisure activities labelling them ‘unislamic’ while in power in Afghanistan. The PCB by now must have hopefully realised why Australia and other nations have been hesitant towards playing there.


Militants attack Sri Lankan cricketers

 Unidentified gunmen opened fire on the bus in which Sri Lankan cricketers were travelling in Lahore. The team was leaving for the 3rd day of the second test between Pakistan and Sri Lanka at the Gaddafi stadium. According to reports five Lankan players are seriously injured including all-rounder Thilan Samaraveera who had scored his second consecutive double hundred just the previous day.  Vice captain Kumar Sangakkara, Ajanta Mendis, Chaminda Vaas, Thilan Tushara and Tharanga Panaviratna are the others injured. Five policemen have also been reported killed.


Vaiko’s Psychos and the tamil issue

 Terror politics seem to be the order of the day. Here in Tamil Nadu though, it is not the Bombay terror attacks they’re playing with but the issue of LTTE and Sri Lankan tamils. I was in for a bitter experience as I was returning from college today. I was travelling in a bus and just as I was nearing my destination my bus stopped in front of a road blockade. The driver managed to find out from the cops that a protest was going on in town. After waiting for sometime we decided to walk. And just as we were moving along the road, we saw a couple of white Scorpios whizzing past us with men in white veshtis clinging on the sides. Apparently the cops had let these political parasites through the blockade. Other buses were let through, but only after a considerable amount of time.

I decided to catch another bus and continue the journey. The traffic was moving at snail’s place as the protests neared. Then I began to see a lot of Red and Black flags, posters and hoardings of political nitwits on the roadsides. Unsurprisingly it was Vaiko’s MDMK which was in the protest mood and the CPI and the VCK had also joined in. I do agree that the Sri Lankan tamil issue is serious and action need to be taken. But I don’t se any justification in Vaiko’s or any ‘Dravidian’ politicians calls for the revokal on the ban on LTTE. As far as I’m concerned and anybody else whose got some brains, the LTTE is a terrorist organization involved in anti-humanitarian work and anybody who supports them also should be branded as terrorists. It is the tamils in Sri Lanka who are suffering because of their so called ‘protectors’.  A party like the CPI also involved in this only shows that it is just a vote campaign for the General Elections which are just around the corner. 

I was also perplexed to see pictures of leaders including those of Vaiko and VCK’s Thol. Thirumavalavan in military attire resembling that of the LTTE, though this is nothing new. But what shocked me the most was that there was even a life size poster of a man in camo with an SMG holstered.  This bastard was apparently one of the chief guests and I also managed to catch some of his speech while returning. Action should be taken against these people who are secretely and some openely indulging in support of outlawed organisations. CM doesn’t have a backbone literally, at least he should show that he has one figuratively by doing something. At a time when terror strikes are a common phenomena, cops who should be securing the people are heavily guarding these terrorists themselves. When will these psychos ever learn a lesson. Only last week, the BJP had paid its price for politicizing Bombay terror; drubbed in elections in Delhi and Rajasthan.


Mumbai terror: Saluting the brave men

The whole country’s eyes are on Mumbai. It is astonishing that it took such a major terror strike for us to realise the importance of the country’s security forces. In the past 24 hours, the country has lost 14 policemen including 3 of the country’s best. ATS Chief Hemant Karkare, DIG Ashok Kamte and encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar laid down their lives fighting for the safety of the citizen’s of the country. Men from forces including the Army, the Navy, the National Security Guard (NSG) and the Mumbai Police are still bravely putting their lives opn the lines trying to bring the situation under control and ensure the safety of the people. 

It is high time that the politicians, bureaucrats and even the people of India should look up at the men who protect the nation from anti-social elements, criminals and terrorists alike. Heroes from the previous wars are yet to receive their dues. All those who have lost their lives may have got awards for their bravery but their families are still not able to cope with life after that. There are many who have lost their arms and legs, most of them are willing to go back to the fronts once again if the nation requires. It is saddening that the government has done nothing about these courageous men. It is not the top officers, but the average Jawan who lost everything waging war against the enemy, but his spirit, who is fighting hard now to get a proper compensation. This at a time when the pay commission is playing games and creating havoc on the lives of the patriotic men who are afraid of nothing.

I salute the brave men who have sacrificed their lives over the years fighting the enemy. The nation will never forget you. Jai Hind!


Karnataka is the New Gujarat

Don’t be surprised if you witness what happened in Gujarat six years back, in the cities of Bangalore, Mysore or Mangalore. The way things are going in the BJP ruled state, a full scale riot could escalate any moment. Karnataka is fast emerging as not an IT destination, rather the new Gujarat and Yeddyurappa the new Narendra Modi. VHP and Bajrang Dal activists have attacked churches around Mangalore protesting ‘forced’ conversions. It is not just Christians who are living in fear, but also Muslims and other minorities.

The whole country was shocked at the atrocities committed during the Post-Godhra riots in 2002. Narendra Modi and his cadres were literally butchering Muslims all over the state. Pictures of people being massacared and begging for their dear lives shattered the peace of every Indian mind.  Now that the BJP has assumed power in Karnataka, Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa is looking up on Modi as his role model and is trying to emulate him.  Despite pressure from the media, NGOs and the common people alike, the Karnataka govt. is still going soft on the Hindu extremists. The in-efficiancy of the government is so evident that, a church in neighbouring Kasargod district of Kerala was also attacked by VHP activists. Still, the only response from Yeddyurappa has been that he is against ‘Forced’ conversions. At least under the previous Congress and JD-S governments, there were no communal tensions. Karnataka had always been considered a peaceful state.

It is not just Karnataka, every state which is under the BJP is rife with communal troubles. We are well aware of whats going on in Orissa, where the BJP shares power the BJD. Its not surprising that Islamic terrorists has so far targeted only BJP ruled states recently. Rajasthan, Karnataka, Gujarat and now Delhi are under BJP control. It is saddening that terrorists are targeting innocents for the mistakes committed by extremist politicians. People like Modi and Yeddyurappa are no different from these terrorists, and they deserve the same punishment as the militants.


The World post 9/11

Its hard to believe seven years have passed since history’s worst terror attack. It was on a September 11 that most of the World woke up to the news that one of America’s symbols of Economic supremacy, the World Trade Center complex was reduced to mere dust by the al-Qaeda. Thousands were either killed or reported missing after the shattering attacks on the Twin towers and the Pentagon.

A lot has changed in the World after the attacks. The so called War on Terror was initiated. The irony is that even after seven years, the mastermind of 9/11, Osama bin Laden is still very much at large, apparently ‘somewhere along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan’. Only God knows where Laden is. Don;t be surprised if you come across intelligence reports that a man with a long beard, a turban and an AK-47 on his back was last seen in your neighborhood, especially if you are a Pakistani. There emerged a new entrant to the never ending list of phobias – Islamophobia. Let alone Muslims, anybody sporting a beard or a turban and looks South Asian is looked upon with bulging eyes by the white man. 9/11 was supposed to be a eye opener to authorities around the world. A wave of new security measures followed. Even medicine became a strict no-no in some airplanes. But despite all the ‘increased’ security levels, the we are still reeled by at least one terror attack a day in some part of the World. According to Wikepdia, since 9/11 there has been over 420 reports of terror related incidents (including arrests, foiled attempts, assasinations etc). This includes various banned, extremist or separatist organizations like al-Qaeda, ETA , PLF, LTTE, FARC among others. The countries that are the most affected are India, the Middle East and other countries which are ‘friendly’ to the US. The most high profile attacks were in Bali (2002), Madrid (2003), Bombay (2003 and 2006), London (2005),  not to mention the ‘usual’ bombings in Iraq, Sri Lanka, Kashmir etc which has become more or less a way of life.

The money which goes into security measures itself is in billions. But what is even more staggering is the various fundings available to banned organizations through ‘rogue’ nations and such is bigger than what is invested in security covers. Big events such as the Olympics in 2004 and 2008 might have been heavily guarded. But it is the common man who travels in public transport to his office or a school kid in his school bus who are more vulnerable.