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LightningBOLT reigns supreme

Who is gonna be the fastest man on the planet, will it be Powell, Gay or Bolt? That was the biggest question unanswered going into the Olympics. For all the pre-race hype the race itself turned out to be a sort of no-contest. Even before the final could begin, World Champion Tyson Gay was missing. Such an anti-climax. He couldn’t qualify with a dismal timing of just 10.05s. Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt couldn’t have asked for anything better. But by the time the final ended there was just one winner. Jamaican Bolt coming first with a World Record 9.69s. A World Record at an Olympic final; not many athletes could dream of something of that magnitude. The last person to do so was Canadian Donovan Bailey at the ’96 Atlanta Games. It is the first time an athlete has clocked under 9.70s. Although Tyson Gay did 9.68 at the American Olympic trials, it was wind assisted. One can only hope that Bolt doesn’t turn out to be a drug cheat like Ben Johnson 24 years ago at Los Angeles.

As for Powell he could only finish a disappointing 5th, 0.26s behind his arch-rival. He as usual failed when it mattered the most. Powell was among the favorites for both the Athens Games as well as the Osaka World Championships last year. He failed in both. In Osaka though, he won bronze. But for somebody who was the favorite for the gold, it was no consolation. Powell might have been a World Record holder. But unless he shakes of his reputation of cracking under pressure at the big stage the World will only remember him as ‘A loser who could’ve won’.