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How old is Vidya ‘aunty’ Balan…really?

Ever since ‘Kismat Konnection‘ was announced, people have raised their eyebrows at its lead pair- Shahid Kapur and Vidya Balan. Not surprising considering Vidya looks older than Shahid. So i decided to check out the age of both the actors. Shahid, born in 1981 is 27. Nothing special there. I went on to check Vidya’s age. Her official site says, born in 1982, she is 28. Hmm, so she doesn’t ‘look’ older; she is in fact ‘older’ than Shahid. Its just a difference of one year, whats the big deal, right? WRONG. Next I checked her profile on Wikipedia. Now it became evident that Vidya is in fact an ‘aunty’. Her age was listed as 33. Thats a difference of seven years. SEVEN YEARS! That implies when our ‘aunty’ was busy clearing her 10th boards, Shahid probably was asking his mom- “Where do babies come from?!?”. Sigh..

A couple of days later my good friend, with whom I had been discussing this told me that aunty’s age is 28 according to Wiki. WTF?!? Just two days back it was 33. I was sure that some idiot who probably thought Vidya looked hotter than Jessica Alba in Heyy Baby must have edited the page. So the both of us did some digging. I went to and asked a simple question- “How old is Vidya Balan?”. Within a couple of seconds the screen was filled with results. The first result was a link to aunty’s wikipedia page. The second one was titled -“Just again how old are you Vidya Balan?” Without even wasting a second I clicked on it. I was directed to the forum of some Bollywood site. Some guy like me now, had posted about Vidya aunty’s age. I don’t want to waste my time writing what he thinks. So I have copied and pasted the post here-

Women lying about their age is nothing new and in Bollywood an actress always begins her career when she is eighteen years old and so did Vidya Balan, who claims that she is 24 years old, but what the actress is forgetting is her past when she began her career in Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Hum Paanch’, the Indian Television comedy that was shot in the 1990s in which she played Radhika one of the five sisters.

While shooting for the comedy series Vidya was 21 years old so is it possible that after a span of 9 years she is just 24? Looks like Vidya too is suffering the Mallika Sherawat syndrome. Listen up gal you have the talent and the conviction so rather than hiding be proud that you made it big a little later in life rather than never.

See my point? BTW this was posted in 2006. Which means according to Aryan Mishra’s (the author of the post) calculations and considering that Hum Paanch first aired in 1995 Vidya in 2008 must be 21+13=34 years old. Thats one year older than what i had told earlier. You may still excuse that one year since she may not have been exactly 21 in 1995. Even then she couldn’t have been younger than 19-20. Being an Indian, I would refer to any woman over 30unknown to me  as aunty. So doesn’t it make Vidya eligible to be called AUNTY? These bollywood beauties na… By the way there were some rumors doing around that little Shahid and Vidya aunty were dating. So I wonder, if that is true can aunty be called a MILF to Shahid beta? Think…