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RIP Wacko Jacko (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

I was fast asleep today morning when mom woke me up and said, “Your friend has died.” “My friend?”, I was surprised. She then broke the news to me, “Michael Jackson is dead”. I was shocked. Words fail to express my emotion when I heard it. Of course my mom was joking when she said my friend had died. She was also among the countless other people who have always ridiculed MJ. But she was right, Michel Joseph Jackson was my friend, and he WILL be my friend, always, for years to come. Not just to me, but to everyone who loved him.

The King of PopPeople have always given MJ  hard time. They called him a paedophile, a faggot, a weirdo. But not one soul can deny that he was and is and always will be the King of Pop. Controversy may have been his middle name but when it comes to talent there are so very few who could be paralleled to the maestro.  As long as I can remember the only true interpretation of his life, at least in my opinion was the South Park episode ‘The Jeffersons’. An obvious parody of MJ, the show portrayed him not as a uncaring child rapist but as a man who only wanted to give children a happy life, something that he was denied as a child.

MJ was an inspiration for millions of people around the world. He was an icon for the black community, long before Barack Obama. Here in India, where films are only about ‘song and dance’, any song is incomplete without one of Jacko’s famous moves. The first MJ video I ever saw was ‘Thriller’ where he dances as a zombie. I wish he would dance his way back from the real world of the dead now.

He was only 50 when he left us. Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon and now Michael Jackson. Why do all great entertainers have to die young? Perhaps God wants a piece of their magic too. Cliched, but that may well be truth. We’ll miss you Jacko. RIP

Here is one of my favorite MJ songs.


Communism = Lack of regard for human rights

Yesterday happened to be the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre. It may sound funny but you know what, the number of people killed on that day depends on whether you are a communist or not. Now if you’re a Commie ass licker, you most probably will go by the ‘official’ figure given by the Chinese government which is 241. It’s not that bad is it? Well then read the following figures given by various other sources.

1. NATO Intelligence – 7000

2. Chinese Red Cross – 5000 dead, 30000 injured

3. Amnesty International -1000

4. A People’s Liberaton Army defector – more than 3700 excluding those denied medical assistance and died

5. Soviet Union – 10,000 (Maybe an exaggeration considering the conflicts between the countries)

Which is bigger? 241 or Amnesty’s minimum figure of 1000. You decide. Now the reason I’m writing this is my friend who thinks I’m a fuckin retard to diss communism instead of China, USSR or Cuba. Frankly, does it make a difference? Now he tells me to go and read Das Kapital to know the real communism. Well I don’t fuckin care about the Das Kapital but I do fuckin care about the people who’ve been violated in the name of a Das Kapital or A Communist Manifesto. My dear friend says you can’t judge all communists by judging one. OK, I get his point. I dared him to name one Commie head of state who has at least a decent human rights record. Lenin started by eliminating the Czars and Stalin continued his ‘good work’ in an even grander manner. We talk a lot about Nazi concentration camps, but then what about Stalin’s own concentration camps (Gulags). Some reports suggest even forced cannibalism took place there.

Havana sounds like heaven and that’s what it was, that is before Che and Castro. Hollywood is obsessed with the so called romanticism of Che Guevara’s life, despite the find that most director’s who made flicks on his ‘saga’ actually knew what a cold-blooded person he was. Today’s rock culture adherents idolise him. Gays look upto him for his ‘revolutionary inspiration’. How many of today’s counter-culture youth know that Che hated rock genre, that he jailed homosexuals? Tees with his face sell like pancakes. Isn’t it an irony that he hated Capitalism and his own face is the best way for making big money. It is a fact that Che ‘bravely killed even 14 year olds for disobeying him. Batista’s govt. may have been bad, but Castro’s is hell. It seems Communism means equality for all the people. But apparently Fidel hasnt heard of that bullshit. Racism in Cuba is worse than what it was in the US. Many of Cuba’s children are in the streets with their parents put in prison for protesting against the govt.

If you think Castro and Stalin are the worst, then wait till you hear about Kim Il Sung and his son Kim Jong Il. Only in a communist country can you be a President even long after your death. Kim Il Sung is gave himself the title, ‘Eternal President of the Republic’, and so he still continues to hold on to the post 15 years after he died for good. South Park jokingly once called Romania the ass hole of the world. But in my opinion,that title should go to North Korea. While democratic South Korea is fast becoming a global centre, its counterpart is in the feudal ages. North Korea goes officially by ‘Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea’. Really? Chinese Democracy was just a music album but we got ourselves an even better oxymoron ( or is it irony, I’m not sure) The whole world knows of the elder Kim’s numerous illicit affairs. But truth is none of his countrymen are even aware of it. I recommend Nat Geo’s North Korea episode of the show ‘Don’t tell my mother‘ where host Diego Bunuel went to N.Korea in the guise of a tourist and managed to film a lot of interesting things.

I don’t have to say much about China. Tiananmen was tragic enough. It is no different in any other commie ruled country. Be it the military rule in Myanmar or Chavez’s ‘democratically’ elected Commie govt. in Venezuela. These leaders have never heard of the word ‘Human Rights’. Marx may not have envisaged all of this when he wrote his book, but his ideas definitely are not in sync with the current world. You cannot ask a child to go and plough the fields when all he wants to be a doctor or a pilot and make it big in life or in the case of my friend, an ad man. Neither can you ask a man to give away his hard-earned money to the govt. so that it can be ‘re-distributed’ to the poor. Marxism may have been a great idea on paper, but to be honest the execution sucked. And it will always be known only for the execution.


Lahore attacks a diversion

 The whole world knows of Pakistan’s hand in the 26/11 Bombay attacks. The ISI needed to do something that would turn the turn the attention of the world away from the governments  ‘investigations’ on the Bombay attacks. The Lahore attacks could well have been the answer. After their mission the terrorists walked away from the scene, quite literally,  as if they knew not one cop is gonna be after them. Isn’t this enough proof that that the cowardly act was an inside job?

Just like the Bombay attacks , the Lahore attacks was also a perfectly orchesterated operation carried out under the guidance of the ISI. The attack on the Sri Lankans definitely had shades of what happened in Bombay. A hostage situation was obviously on the cards. But for some reason the terrorists left the scene


The World post 9/11

Its hard to believe seven years have passed since history’s worst terror attack. It was on a September 11 that most of the World woke up to the news that one of America’s symbols of Economic supremacy, the World Trade Center complex was reduced to mere dust by the al-Qaeda. Thousands were either killed or reported missing after the shattering attacks on the Twin towers and the Pentagon.

A lot has changed in the World after the attacks. The so called War on Terror was initiated. The irony is that even after seven years, the mastermind of 9/11, Osama bin Laden is still very much at large, apparently ‘somewhere along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan’. Only God knows where Laden is. Don;t be surprised if you come across intelligence reports that a man with a long beard, a turban and an AK-47 on his back was last seen in your neighborhood, especially if you are a Pakistani. There emerged a new entrant to the never ending list of phobias – Islamophobia. Let alone Muslims, anybody sporting a beard or a turban and looks South Asian is looked upon with bulging eyes by the white man. 9/11 was supposed to be a eye opener to authorities around the world. A wave of new security measures followed. Even medicine became a strict no-no in some airplanes. But despite all the ‘increased’ security levels, the we are still reeled by at least one terror attack a day in some part of the World. According to Wikepdia, since 9/11 there has been over 420 reports of terror related incidents (including arrests, foiled attempts, assasinations etc). This includes various banned, extremist or separatist organizations like al-Qaeda, ETA , PLF, LTTE, FARC among others. The countries that are the most affected are India, the Middle East and other countries which are ‘friendly’ to the US. The most high profile attacks were in Bali (2002), Madrid (2003), Bombay (2003 and 2006), London (2005),  not to mention the ‘usual’ bombings in Iraq, Sri Lanka, Kashmir etc which has become more or less a way of life.

The money which goes into security measures itself is in billions. But what is even more staggering is the various fundings available to banned organizations through ‘rogue’ nations and such is bigger than what is invested in security covers. Big events such as the Olympics in 2004 and 2008 might have been heavily guarded. But it is the common man who travels in public transport to his office or a school kid in his school bus who are more vulnerable.