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Boycott Olympics!!

The Olympics is here. Four years after Athens the flame is about to be lit in Beijing, China. But the question still remains do the Chinese deserve the Olympics. Maybe yes, maybe no. My answer would be no. I am sure most would be happy to disagree with me. There are many who say ‘The show must go on’… BULL SHIT! As long as Tibet is persecuted China don’t deserve any international event to be hosted, let alone the Olympics. After all that was the fate of South Africa right? Nations including the US and the EU boycotted the country, notorious because of its Apartheid policy. For 42 years South African athletes were banned from participating in the Olympics and other International Events. Same should be applied to China as well. After all its a similar situation in China. If it was native Africans there its the Tibetans here. The whole world knows about China’s human rights records. It is no secret that thousands of Tibetans are mercilessly tortured and killed by the Chinese Army at Lhasa and other places. Even monks, women and children are not spared. Hundreds of families are displaced or are seeking refuge in India and other countries. In fact I myself came across a young Tibetan who hasn’t seen his parents in over 10 years.

People may still argue that the Olympic movement is independent of Politics. What is happening in Tibet is not politics, but plain violation of human rights. The IOC probably were not aware that a country called Tibet existed on the world map back in 2001 when they awarded the games to Beijing. Of course nothing can be done now except for maybe the spectators boycotting it. Even that may seem a improbability. To be frank I don’t care what others might say. I’ve decided that a rogue nation like China is no way eligible to host an event like the Olympic Games which is a symbol for peace and solidarity . And so I am not going to waste my time in front of the TV set watching the event. Hope other people will follow suit too.