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Hardy ‘unconscious’.. Kayfabe?

 It appears WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy has been found unconscious in his hotel stairway earlier today at Boston, MA.  He is to face Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov in a triple threat match at the Survivor Series pay-per-view later today. It is unlikeley however that he will be competing in the match. It is unknown whether the report is geniune or just a part of a story-line (kayfabe). WWE.COM refused to divulge any other details about the situation. Hardy was rushed to an emergency care unit of an unspecified hospital.


The Tamasha that Headlines Today is

I have a question-“Why is Headlines Today still called a news channel?”. With all the bull shit they’ve been calling news, its long time that somebody come up with an award for the worst news channel in the country. The channel has everything that a news channel should have except for the news itself. 90% of the times I switch to HT all i can see is some celebrity showing off her skin or nonsense like that. Of course it shows news, just that it is never relevant to an average person. Who cares if Aishwarya Rai visited a temple or if  Rakhi Sawant beats the shit out of some guy. Come on, its their private lives. Is there any reason for it to be splashed all over the day on TV? I remember some time back HT having a half hour specials on a film that is  being made about cricketer Yuvraj Singh by his dad. They played the same story all over the day. They could at least show some informative programs like Gadget Guru shown on NDTV.

Recently of course the star perfomer on HT has been Pro-wrestler The Great Khali aka Dalip Singh Rana, the big man who made it big in WWE. Just because he is the only Indian wrestler in the WWE doesn’t mean he is to be worshiped by the anchors themselves. The whole world knows that Pro-wrestling is faked more or less. Still a national channel doesn’t seem to be knowing this and goes on jabbing about how Khali ‘squashes’ his opponents. I myself am a WWE fan , but i definitely don’t think it deserves special attention on news channels. Also Khali is a supposedly a heel (A bad guy in pro-wrestling) while wrestling. HT is in fact glorifying Khali ‘illegally’ beating down his fellow wrestlers. More recently the channel has come up with a special half hour show, Wrestle-o-Mania on the latest happenings from WWE. When are they ever gonna show meaningful news?